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It makes sense our puppies impress!

Meet our Papas!

We have been chosen for our people focused temperaments, excellent health and proven genetics.  We are a fun loving group who all live together... napping, playing and romping!  We love going for walks but what we really love is our lady friends!  We all wait at the fence just for a chance to see one of them walk by.  Oh, they are beautiful.  We're completely smitten!

Our Handsome Boys


- Brindle

- 12 pounds

I'm a rare brindle with an amazing depth of color. Brindles come in a range of color depths but have black tiger striping through their coat.  It's a genetically dominant trait, so 50% of my puppies will be brindle.  Not only am I eye grabbing and oh, so handsome, I also have the sweetest of temperaments.  I'm a gentle boy with a love of fun and play.  I'm tolerant of bullies and just up for a bit of snuggling and play.


- Red Patch

- 9 pounds

I'm positively the sweetest boy to ever walk the planet.  I have such a quiet and peaceful nature and a perpetual happy outlook.  As a purebred Shih Tzu, I have a wonderful deep color and full coat.   I have awesome  pigmentation with a lovely depth of color.  I am passionate about being  picked up and snuggled and also enjoy meeting new friends.  



-11 pounds

I'm a registered Bichon Frise and my outside bloodlines will give a wonderful boost to the Babybarks genetics and diversity.  I have a gorgeous, white, curly coat and a tall legged, athletic build.  I'm incredibly friendly, very playful and totally in love with my human friends. I'm a fantastic addition to the solid health and temperaments that BabyBarks strives to put forward.


-Apricot Patch Coat

-9 pounds

I'm a sweet and quiet natured little boy.  I'll let the others push to the front and demand while I wait my turn in a polite fashion.  I love walks, chewing on bone and playing with my buddies.  I have a lovely color and pattern and an ever so sweet shorter nose length.


- Red

- 15 pounds

I have a gorgeous coat color and pattern and an incredibly sweet nature to go with it. I utterly love people, enjoy my dog pals and find a good romp fantastic fun.  I have a beautiful thick coat and medium nose length.  With my confidence and gentle friendliness, I'm a joy to be around.



-10 pounds

I'm a lover of a boy.  I'd love to get snuggles and attention and I can't wait to be picked up for all that love!  I'm also a playful soul who loves connecting with my doggie pals, wrestling, running and enjoying toys.  I have a lovely non-fading tri-color coat that has a delicious amount of teddy bear curl.  With some white on my paws and my chest and brown up my legs, I actually have a love assortment of colors and markings to pass on.


- Red

- 12 pounds

Isn't my color amazing? I have the richest pigmentation and just a little bit of blue in left eye.  Will I sire blue eyed puppies?  Time will tell, but that would be fun!  Along with my striking features, I have a confident, fun loving and friendly demeanour.  I love to play, experience new things, enjoy my doggie pals and get any attention and snuggles offered.  Life is good!



-10 pounds

I'm a fun loving and happy boy.  I can't wait to be the first into an adventure and my inquisitive nature is aways present.  I love meeting new people, playing with my pals, going on walks and hanging out.  I have the thickest coat with an amazing plume of a tail.  Combine that with my striking color, and I leave an amazing impression!

Canada Shichon
Bichon Shih Tzu
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