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It makes sense our puppies impress!

Meet our Ladies!


We love that the majority of our girls life with us here at BabyBarks. We also have some who enjoy living in guardian families of their own and return to us to do litters. The girls who reside at BabyBarks sure keep busy!  They love to play in the yard, run on their daily off leash walks (as seen these videos), chew on bones, and catch some restful naps in the sun.  Our dogs only become mothers once they have been carefully assessed and given ample time to mature physically and emotionally.  Motherhood is hard work, but our girls love their babies and give their puppies such great care and nurturing.  We are so proud of them.

Our Lovely Ladies



- 12 pounds

I'm an absolutely lovely girl in every way!   How could I not be with Chewie and Kiwi for parents?  I absolutely love people and can't wait to be picked up for a snuggle.  I'm an athletic and love running on our walks and am passionate about playtime.  I also love going for a dip in the pond when the weather is warm (and even when it's cold!).  Swimming is pretty fun!


- Apricot 

- 11 lbs

I'm a sweetheart who is passionate about people.  I have laser eye contact, tracking my loved one's every move, just hoping they will come and claim me for an amazing cuddle!  I'm a gorgeous orange/red hue and just like my name sake, Anne Shirley, I'm looking for kindred spirits everywhere!  I love walks, have a light and bouncy athletic build and am a pleasure to be around.


- Tricolor

- 11 pounds

My Daddy's name is Piper, so it only makes sense to give me a name that meant "Midevil singer or musician".  And I have a sweet spirit, playful nature and gentle soul.  I have very fun coloring and a great wavy coat. I can't wait to meet new friends.


- Orange/ Apricot

- 10 pounds

I'm a fun loving, sweet natured, snuggle loving girl.  I have the most beautiful color and luminous eyes.  Off leash walks with my pals?!  Yes, please!  

I am available for adoption to that perfect family.  Please inquire if you want the opportunity for a well started, doggie door and kennel trained dog joining your home.


- Red

- 10 pounds

I'm a gentle and sweet soul.  I have delightfully rich color, a light build and a medium nose length.  I'm truly a beautiful girl and I have a lovely spirit that matches!  I'm a huge cuddle lover and a sweet friend to all I meet.



-Red and white

- 11 pounds

I'm a gentle, sweet snuggler. I don't have a bossy bone in my body but am pure cuddles. I have one and a half blue eyes which is a trait that comes from the Shih Tzu side of the family tree!  It doesn't get passed on very often but it's sure neat when it does!  I have great red pigmention, a slightly more wirey, non matting coat and such a lovely spirit.



- Champagne

- 12 pounds

I need a picture update as this just doesn't do me justice!  I have the most unique color with sprinkles of varying hues throughout.  It's not cream, but more of a subtle firework of red, white, cream, black, brown.  It's light in color but very pretty and unique! I have my daddy, Chino's longer nose length, a wavy coat and a lovely build. I am passionate about walk time, playing with my pals and attention!  I was the easiest puppy, with a relaxed and quiet nature. 


-Black and white

- 18 pounds

I have the most unique coat that has "Dalmatian spots" when clipped close and I've been known to pass this on to my puppies!  I can run like the wind and I like nothing better than racing my pals!  I'm one of the bigger girls at BabyBarks, but I'm a sweet heart about it, without being bossy.  I have a gentle nature.  My claim to fame is my passion for chairs and dog beds.  If one is empty, you better believe I've claimed it and I'm assessing it for softness!  A girl has got to be comfortable, right?!



- 11 pounds

People.  People. People.  That sums up my passion.  Yes, I love to play and I love to leap and I love to go on walks, but if my loved ones are near by, I can only go for so long without checking in!  I stand on my hind legs and do a fancy dance just to make sure I've caught their eye and impressed them.  Will they pick me up for a cuddle?  Even better!

I am available for adoption to the perfect home. I require a fenced yard, humans around consistently and a doggie pal is preferable.  No kids, please!



- 12 pounds

Sweet, people focused, playful and confident.  I'm a pretty special girl. My colors are flashy, my coat is soft and full and I can't wait to meet you!! When you come to visit BabyBarks, I'll be dancing on my back legs, hoping for the pet!


-Apricot Patch

- 14 pounds

I'm silly, wiggly and have the humour of a circus clown!  I absolutely LOVE attention and do contortions possible to ensure I'm noticed.  I love being snuggled, having playtimes with my doggie pals and a good chew on a bone.  I'm a sunshiny girl with personality galore.


- Dark Brindle

- 11 lbs

I'm a fun loving girl who has a zest for life and a sunny and bright disposition.  I have a really unique color as a brindle, which means I have something akin to black tiger striping through my coat through the root and hopefully I'll have some puppies to match!  I love attention and running on off leash walks are a favourite.  But what do I like best?!  Swimming in the pond!  I'm a water girl! In fact, I'm wet in this photo.... straight from a dip!


- Red

- 11 lbs

Despite the wildness of my photo, I am a sweet and sensitive girl.  I love to go on walks and enjoy myself but sticking near my humans is my main goal.  I'm sweet natured to my pals.  I have the most beautiful eyes lined with black mascara, a medium nose length and lovely pigmentation to my coat.

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