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It makes sense our puppies impress!

Meet our Ladies!


We love that the majority of our girls life with us here at BabyBarks. We also have some who enjoy living in guardian families of their own and return to us to do litters. The girls who reside at BabyBarks sure keep busy!  They love to play in the yard, run on their daily off leash walks (as seen these videos), chew on bones, and catch some restful naps in the sun.  Our dogs only become mothers once they have been carefully assessed and given ample time to mature physically and emotionally.  Motherhood is hard work, but our girls love their babies and give their puppies such great care and nurturing.  We are so proud of them.

Our Lovely Ladies



- 12 pounds

I'm an absolutely lovely girl in every way!   How could I not be with Chewie and Kiwi for parents?  I absolutely love people and can't wait to be picked up for a snuggle.  I'm an athletic and love running on our walks and am passionate about playtime.  I also love going for a dip in the pond when the weather is warm (and even when it's cold!).  Swimming is pretty fun!


- Apricot 

- 11 lbs

I'm a sweetheart who is passionate about people.  I have laser eye contact, tracking my loved one's every move, just hoping they will come and claim me for an amazing cuddle!  I'm a gorgeous orange/red hue and just like my name sake, Anne Shirley, I'm looking for kindred spirits everywhere!  I love walks, have a light and bouncy athletic build and am a pleasure to be around.


- Tricolor

- 11 pounds

My Daddy's name is Piper, so it only makes sense to give me a name that meant "Midevil singer or musician".  And I have a sweet spirit, playful nature and gentle soul.  I have very fun coloring and a great wavy coat. I can't wait to meet new friends.


- Red

- 10 pounds

Just look at this lovely color!  Not only am I a beautiful hue, I also have a soft, thick coat with luminous eyes and a lovely face.  I have a compact, but sturdy build.  All of this is combined with a sweet, fun nature.  I love to do walks with my human pals and play with my dog friends.  I'm a positive and sunny soul and I bring a whole lot of joy!


- Red

- 10 pounds

I'm a gentle and sweet soul.  I have delightfully rich color, a light build and a medium nose length.  I'm truly a beautiful girl and I have a lovely spirit that matches!  I'm a huge cuddle lover and a sweet friend to all I meet.



- Dark Apricot

- 10 pounds

I'm a gentle and sweet natured girl who just loves to snuggle.  I have a largest, luminous eyes and lovely deep coloring.  My coat is full and wavy and I have a fun spring to my step.  Since I couldn't have a more lovely temperaments, it's fair to say that my puppies will be absolute treasures!



- Apricot

- 12 pounds

I'm a fun loving little lady who is exuberant on walks, passionate about chewing a good bone and extra excited to do some snuggling and lap sitting.   I started off life with a show stopping hue and although I've faded a bit, I still pass on my lovely coloring to some of my pups.  I'm a lovely soul and a blessing to all I meet.



- 10 pounds

Check out the daddy dog page and you'll see my brother, Elvis.  We are both rare brindles who have lovely red based pigmentations and really striking black "tiger stripes" down our sides.  50% of my puppies will be brindle. But coloring is nothing compared to my sweet temperament, cuddly nature and gentle spirit.  I am a true sweetheart.


-Apricot Patch

- 11 pounds

I carry some old and respected bloodlines forward.  The sweetness of both my parents, Nugget and Chino is apparent in my soulful eyes and I have inherited their huge desire to be the first chosen for a snuggle!  I have a solid build, a nice full coat, beautifully level bite and minimal tearing.  I have so much to offer in terms of temperament and positive physical traits and my puppies are so lovely because of it!


-Silver Brindle

- 12 pounds

Sweet, people focused, playful and confident.  I'm a pretty special girl. My colors are flashy, my coat is soft and full and I can't wait to meet you!! When you come to visit BabyBarks, I'll be dancing on my back legs, hoping for the pet!



- 11 pounds

I'm a girl with lots of confidence and a real zest and sense of humour.  It's mixed perfectly with my gentle spirit and my love of people. The result is a loving girl with an extra dose of sparkle.  Izzy (below) is actually my mom and Elvis (Daddy dog's page) is my full brother.  I have a beautiful peach hue and the softest possible coat.


- Black and white

- 17 lbs

I have a passion for playing ball, walk time and sitting on laps.  I also am a dog bed conasuour and utterly love to try out every dog bed in site and assess them for the softest texture.  I have a gentle heart and such a playful spirit.  I have an amazing "Dalmatian spotting" pattern that is incredible clear when my coat is clipped short. I frequently pass my unique spots on to my babies!


- Red

- 12 lbs

Despite the wildness of my photo, I am a sweet and sensitive girl.  I love to go on walks and enjoy myself but sticking near my humans is my main goal.  I'm sweet natured to my pals.  I have the most beautiful eyes lined with black mascara, a medium nose length and lovely pigmentation to my coat.

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