It makes sense our puppies impress!

Meet our Ladies!


Our girls keep busy!  They love to play in the yard, run on their daily off leash walks (as seen these videos), chew on bones, and catch some restful naps in the sun.  Our dogs only become mothers once they have been carefully assessed and given ample time to mature physically and emotionally.  Motherhood is hard work, but our girls love their babies and give their puppies such great care and nurturing.  We are so proud of them.

Our Lovely Ladies



- 15 pounds

I'm a sweet and fun loving girl who is more reserved in nature.  I love to play and I live for a good cuddle, but I won't push in to get it and I'll wait politely for my turn.  I'm mischievous and love to race off for my own adventure just as the off leash walk ends.  Keeping my humans guessing makes life a little more fun!


- Apricot patch coat

- 17 pounds

I'm the clever one!  If there is something interesting, something squeaky, something worth watching or something exciting to lay on, I've spotted it!  I love bird watching, swimming in the lake and playing non-stop with my brother, Toby.  I'm pretty entertaining to have around.  I'm also passionate about babies.  I'm present for almost every puppy delivery at BabyBarks because I LOVE to see and meet the new puppies that are born.  


- Solid apricot, white markings

- 11 pounds

I'm a confident, snuggly girl with a heart full of love.  Give me a belly scratch and some quality time and I'm in heaven!  Of course, playtime is pretty awesome too!  I have a blast play-fighting and chewing on my bones. 


- Apricot Patch 

- 8 pounds

I have a compact and tiny build for that "cute as a button" look.  I'm a playful and independent girl who loves to check on my humans and then find my own adventures and romp with my puppy pals.  My soft spot is snacks, so I stick right with my human on our off leash walks.... you never know, there might be hand outs!


- Black and White Patch Coat

- 10 pounds

I'm a gentle, sweet and quiet natured girl.  My sole goal in life is to sit with my human and snuggle close for a cuddle. I'm the perfect dog for a lower energy setting where I can spread my love and my super soft snuggles!  Want to know my secret passion?  Playing in the sprinkler!


- Solid tricolour (Black, tan and white)

- 10 pounds

I'm the sweetest girl to ever walk the planet.  My humans like to think they trained me, but when you are as good as gold, training is hardly necessary.  All I want to do is please and when I'm done doing that, I like to sit quietly on your lap for a nice cuddle.  If my puppies end up being half as sweet as I am, families are going to be beside themselves with joy!


- Red Patch Coat

- 7 pounds

Do they come any cuter?  Nope!  I think almost every family that visits BabyBarks asks to take me home!  I'm a gorgeous little lady with a sweet and playful personality to match.  I love going for our off leash walks and although I do my share of running, my favourite spot to be is right at my human's heals!  Walking with friends is the best!


- Light Apricot

- 12 pounds

Excuse my poor haircut, I'm in the middle of taking care of my puppies.  And as any new mom can share, that's not the time that we usually look our best!  I'm a sweet, fun and gentle girl.  How could I not be with Chewie and Kiwi for parents!  I absolutely love people and can't wait to be picked up for a snuggle.  I'm an athletic and love running on our walks.  I also love going for a dip in the pond when the weather is warm (and even when it's cold!).  Swimming is pretty fun!


- Apricot patch coat

- 11 pounds

Sweet, gentle natured and people focused.  Java is my mom and I've inherited her thick and soft coat and her wonderful temperament.  I'm an easy going little lady who is kind to my friends and doesn't need to be the boss.  I love to play and run, but attention from my humans is my favourite.


- Iron Grey Tricolour

- 19 pounds

have a unique coat that is light silver when cut close and grows out to be almost black once it's an inch or two long.   I'm a favourite, but I'm modest enough that I haven't figured it out yet.  Other than my extra soft coat and teddy bear looks, why do they love me? Despite giving such awkward kisses that they are charming, I'm also a ridiculous amount of fun.  I swim every chance I get, I love to completely burrow myself in snow and pop up for the surprise, I have a symphony of verbal expression, I love walks so much that my heart almost bursts if I think I can't go and I love, love, love to be picked up and cuddled. 



- 10 pounds

I'm a walk lover, a bone chewer and a serious people pup.  I can't wait to please and have laser focus during training times.  I love to impress while on the leash or working on some new skills.  I have such a lovely, super soft coat and what amazing color!  My puppies are too cute for words!


- White with tipping

- 20 lbs

Just like my mother, Raya and my sister Ellie, I'm a girl who has a symphony of verbal expression and an incredible sense of humour.  I'm so much fun and I can run like a triple crown race horse!  Look out world!  But don't take that to mean I'm naughty.  I have the sweetest heart and I live to please.  I'm such a special girl and I have a heart of gold.


-Apricot with white markings

- 11 pounds

People.  People. People.  That sums up my passion.  Yes, I love to play and I love to leap and I love to go on walks, but if my loved ones are near by, I can only go for so long without checking in!  I stand on my hind legs and do a fancy dance just to make sure I've caught their eye and impressed them.  Will they pick me up for a cuddle?  Even better!


- Apricot patch coat.

- 11 lbs

Yes, you aren't imagining things!  I have blue eyes .  Where did I get these unique show stoppers?  From my dad!  Shih Tzus can carry a recessive gene for blue eyes and my dad is a purebred Shih Tzu who regularly sires blue eyed babies.  I lucked out to be one of them.  We aren't sure if this is a trait I'll pass on to my pups, but since I'm sweet natured, gorgeous playful and a joy to be around, it really doesn't matter!  Enjoy this photo of me as a puppy and my adult photo will be updated shortly.



- 11 pounds

I'm a playful and fun girl who loves to lead the pack on a merry run.  If there is a game, a toy or a bit of excitement, I'm sure to be there, checking it out.  I also love people and can't wait for that snuggle.  I'm a busy and confident girl who is very sweet natured.


- Dark Brindle

- 11 lbs

I'm a fun loving girl who has a zest for life and a sunny and bright disposition.  I have a really unique color as a brindle, which means I have something akin to black tiger striping through my coat through the root and hopefully I'll have some puppies to match!  I love attention and running on off leash walks are a favourite.  But what do I like best?!  Swimming in the pond!  I'm a water girl! In fact, I'm wet in this photo.... straight from a dip!


-Light Apricot

- 13 pounds

I'm a sweet girl with a confident nature.  I love to play with my pals and go on walks.  Is there something to sniff, and adventure to experience or something new to see! I'd love to be part of that.  And when it's all done, I would love to settle down and have a good cuddle.


- Red Patch Coat.

- 14 lbs

I'm a reserved girl who expresses what I'd like with soulful eyes rather than verbal expression and jumping.  I have wonderful colouring like my brother Stewart and an awesome silky, non-matting coat.  Looks aren't everything.... I'm sweet, love to be held and always up for an adventure.


- Red

- 11 lbs

I'm a sweet girl who is soft natured, gentle and eager to please.  I love my people and am always ready for a cuddle!  I have a soft and thick coat with a lovely dark color from my mom, Sadie, and that perfect Shih Tzu pattern that  from my dad, Zephyr!


- Dark Apricot 

- 13 lbs

I'm a playful and fun loving girl.  I'm busy on my walks and chewing my bones but I also love to snooze and nap with my pals. I have a shy nature with new people, but when I spot someone I know, I dance like no one has seen a dog dance.  My paws reach to the sky and my body stretches straight up and into the air and I will wiggle like you never thought possible!  I'm in love.... with you!


- Apricot Patch

- 11 lbs

I'm a people focused lady who lives for my next cuddle!  I'm not simply a couch dweller, however.... I love to run, run, run on my walks.  I love playing with my friends, chewing bones and keeping the younger dogs in line.  Someone needs to babysit, right?!  When the ball is brought out, I ignore it and stand up on the human's legs and shout "pick me up!" with my eyes.  Oh those cuddles, just can't get enough.


- Light Brindle.

- 12 lbs

I'm a fun loving little lady with a zest for life, a passion for walks and dedication to my special people.  I love to play with my dog pals and hanging around with my human family is the best!  Believe it or not, I'm Kiwi and Java's full sister!


- Dark Apricot

- 11 lbs

I'm a fun loving lady who love to run, play in the water and go on glorious walks.  I love to race ahead of the other and seek out adventures that they haven't yet discovered.  I'm busy and fun but I can't wait for a snuggle, some attention and the chance to make my next great memory!  And boy, I'm so cute that you'd think they'd get a picture of me that wasn't blurry, but for now this will have to do!


- Black and White

- 15 lbs

Mint is my mom and Bjorn is my Dad and I think I carry some lovely traits from each of them!  I'm more reserved in nature and not one to push to the front.  But my enthusiasm really comes on when I play with my friends or go on a off leash walk.  I love running like a wild race horse and I'm just sure that I'm faster than every one!  It will be so fun to see if my puppy are as lovely as I am and of course they will be!  It's hard to see in my picture, but I have an incredible unique colouring.  I'm as close to a Dalmatian as a Bichon Shih Tzu comes... I have vibrant and exciting "pokadotting" that is extra clear when my coat is cut short.  It's a very flashy look!


- Apricot Patch

- 13 lbs

I'm a lovely girl who is passionate about water.  If there is a pond, a creek, a puddle or a water dish, you are likely to find me near it or in it!  I think I get that from my mom, Raya!  But I get my sturdy build and shorter nose from my Dad, Caper.  I'm a sweet girl who loves to visit with my people and enjoys a good romp.


- Dark Apricot/Red

- 12 lbs

I'm as sweet as I am beautiful.  I have a lovely confidence, a passion for people and a gorgeous pattern and color to top it off!  I'm Sherlocks full sister, with Gracie as my mom and Stewart as my Dad.  I'm a really lovely girl who is a complete delight to be around.

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