Our Puppies!

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Puppies are so fun and end up being amazing family members but they are a lot of work... requiring a significant time commitment and investment.  Find out more about raising a puppy from our care guide.
Fill out our
application if you are interested in an amazing furry family member!  Keep in mind that we only offer puppies to families who have children over 5, have a fully fenced yard or dedicated potty space, and are home full time or have an alternative support person or plan to manage the training and social requirements of these special dogs.

We are a vet assessed and recommended kennel.
below or click for a letter of recommendation.

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I'm a gorgeous little girl with a confident and sweet disposition.  My nose length is medium to long and I'll likely weigh 12-14lbs as an adult.  My coat is thick and I'll likely be similar in color to my mom as an adult. I have a lovely nature, can't wait to meet new friends... both dog and human!


I'm an outgoing and adventurous soul who is bound to ton of fun and an excellent companion.  If someone is looking for a hike partner or someone to enjoy the fun of life with, I'm your girl!  I have a beautiful tricolour coat that is straight and silky.  I'll have a medium nose length and weigh 10-12lbs.  To ensure I'm well socialized, I've been spending time with Carmel and her litter and you'll see me in that video below!


I'm a beautiful puppy with such flashy coloring that is going to give some changes as I age.  I have a sweet and confident temperament, a medium to long nose length and a nice thick coat.  I'll weigh 12-14lbs as an adult. I can't wait to play and meed some new friends!


I'm a sweetheart which makes sense with parents as great as mine! I'll likely weigh 11-12lbs and will be pure love!  I'll be a lovely red based pup with a bit of wave to my coat.  I have a medium nose to long length.  It takes me a bit of time to settle into new things but I'm young and my confidence is going to grow as I work through Babybarks puppy preschool!

Puppies are a ton of fun and SO CUTE!!  But sometimes a family needs a new furry friend who is a little less work and comes with some settled maturity.  We occasionally have mature puppies or young adult dogs who would be a great fit!  Our dogs are taught to use the doggie door as they get older, so our dogs are excellent about doing their business outside.  They have wonderful socialization experiences as they have constant opportunity to engage with other dogs, our amazing staff and our visitors.  As our dogs get older they are included on our off leash walks around our property and started on their leash walking skills. They have been carefully and consistently introduced to kennel training and be sleeping quietly in a kennel through the night.  They will also have completed age appropriate immunizations, deworming and flea and tick treatments.  

In the case of our adult dogs, they are only available to families who have a fenced yard and have someone consistently home for companionship.  Our dogs have been raised with a lot of adventure, fun and human and dog socialization so we want their transition to be full of more of the same!  If you are interested in adding one of these well started adults to your life, please fill out our application and we'd love to chat!  


Female - 5 years old



I LIVE to snuggle.  If I could sit on a lap, all day, every day, my life goals would be complete!  I'm not lazy...I actually really enjoy a nice walk, but as soon as that's done, your lap better be ready!  I am a gentle lover of a girl and my dream is having my own retired person to smother with love.  I weigh 11lbs, have a soft and fluffy coat, have a medium nose length and am easy to be around with my undemanding and quiet nature.  I just came back from the dentist and my teeth are shiny and fresh! I'm up to date on my vaccinations, deworming and flea and tick treatments.  I sleep quietly through the night in my kennel (although I'd prefer your bed!) and I consistently use the doggie door to do my buisness outside.  I'm available to a family with a fully fenced yard, a commitment to spay me within 2 months of adoption and an empty lap that needs filling.  I'd be the PERECT pet for a lonely senior who wants someone to keep them company.  I'm ready to join my new family whenever the perfect fit comes along.



1 year old - $2500


I'm a fun loving, snuggly, confident friend who comes in a delightfully rich color package!  I weigh about 9-10lbs, have rich red coloring and a shorter Shih Tzu nose length. I'm walking on a leash, sleeping through the night in the kennel and using the doggie door consistently. I've also finished my initial immunization series.  Am I easier than a puppy?  You bet!  I'm also all the fun and snuggles you could want!


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