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Merry Christmas!
These gorgeous puppies and adult dogs
are available!

Please read our careguide and fill out our application if you are interested one of these immediately available puppies
or a reservation for a future
 furry family member!  

We are a vet assessed and recommended kennel. 
click to see our letter of recommendation.


Female - Apricot Patch - 12 weeks - $2990

Want some fun, zip and zest?  I'm your little lady!  I'm also going to be happy to give the odd cuddle as well! I have a more alpha temperament and I really enjoy playing and love to connect with my human pals.  I have a beautiful wavy coat, a longer nose length and a nice solid size that will likely take me to 14-18lbs at maturity. I've mastered the doggie door and am doing my "business" outside.  I have two of my first three immunization complete.  I'm also working on my kennel training so I'll be sleeping through the night in no time!


Female - Apricot - 12 weeks old - $2990

I'm a sweetheart with a full and fully coat, and a passion for both play and cuddles.  I'd be the perfect pet for an any scenario as I have a lovely confidence, humour and sweetness to suit a wide range.  I have a medium nose length and am likely to weigh 13-16lbs as an adult.  I have two of my initial three part immunization series complete, I'm using the doggie door to do my buisness outside and I'm starting my kennel training!  


Male - Red - 11 weeks old

Fun loving, playful and sure to be a snuggler, I'm a beautiful boy who will likely weigh 11-14lbs.  I'll have a red based apricot coat that quite straight, with just a bit of wave.  I'll have a  medium nose length.  I have a cute white sock on my left food, a dapper goatee and white up my chest.  I'm using the doggie door to do my business outside and I've completed two of my initial 3 part immunization series.  I'm a puppy who loves connection.  I like to give kisses and gaze into your eyes... so if you want to wake up to a truly beautiful face every morning, I'm clearly the perfect choice!

Female - Apricot - $3500
4.5 months old  - 7-8 lb adult weight


Every so often a puppy graces BabyBarks with such a degree of cuteness that it is impossible to let them go.  Such is the case with little Maori.  It was an immediate choice that her sweetness, cuteness, soft coat, perfect markings, level bite, lack of tearing, confidence and utter perfection made her a shoo in for a future mom role!!!  Here was are, several months later need to come to grips with the disappointment that this PERFECT puppy is just to tiny for that role!  Safety is always first and we don't want this sweet girl to risk a csection years down the road so we are going to make a family's dreams come true and offer her for adoption.  She is truly one of our best and we are so excited for whoever selects her!

Maori is likely to stay tiny with a 7-8lbs estimate at maturity.  She is a beautiful shade of apricot and extra soft. She just had her first ever hair cut, so if you like a more fluffy pup, not to worry, it's going to grow back promptly and she'll be back to looking like a pom pom!   

She has completed all of her initial immunizations and is ready to enjoiy life to the fullest!  No need to quarantine her!  She is sleeping through the night in the kennel and using the doggie door to consistently do her "business" outside.  She'll be a very straightforward and advance puppy for her new home!  Because of her tiny size, it would be best if she is added to a home with children 10 and older.  

Interested adding an adult dog to your life?

We have some young adults who are looking for a low-key, patient home to call their very own!

Our adult dogs require: a fenced yard, a family who is home consistently, a patient mentality as these special dogs work through a major life change, leaving everything they know to join a new family and environment .  
Bonus: our dogs would love to go to a home where they have canine companionship but this isn't a requirement for every dog.
Reward: You'll have a life long friend who is settled, patient and has a lot of their training already complete!

Our adults are available to visit with interested families
 BEFORE Christmas
and can head to their new homes AFTER Christmas holidays are complete.



Female - $1990
1 year old  - 14lb - Silver and White

-Using the doggie door to consistently go to the bathroom outside.  
-Sleeping quietly in a kennel at night from 9pm to 7am.  
-Well socialized with other dogs.
- Excellent for baths, grooming and nail trims
-Leash trained
-Up to date on relevant vaccinations and deworming

I'm a fun loving girl who enjoys rough and tumble playtimes with my doggie pals and cuddles and focus from my human pals!  I have a confident 
temperament but it may take me a little longer to bond with the men of the family. I would be a great fit for an adult only home.


Female - $1990
2 years old  - 11lb - Apricot and white

-Using the doggie door to consistently go to the bathroom outside.  
-Sleeping quietly in a kennel at night from 9pm to 7am.  
-Well socialized with other dogs.
- Excellent for baths, grooming and nail trims
-Leash trained
-Up to date on relevant vaccinations and deworming

I'm a sweet heart of a girl who loves to romp and play but also can't wait to snuggle.  I LOVE people and happily greet strangers and those I love.  I'd do well in a home with children over 10 as long as they are patient with me as I first settle in. I can't wait to give a loving family all of the affection and fun I have to offer!


Who are we?

Enjoy a video tour below! 
We'd love to share more with you about our passion for these dogs and give you an inside glimpse into their amazing home.

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