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Thank you for considering our extremely well bred, carefully raised puppies!
We have room on our summer and fall waitlists!
Click for our adoption and waitlist application.

Why choose a BabyBarks Bichon Shih Tzu? 

  • "Hypoallergenic" with non to low shedding coats.

  • Sunny dispositions, perfect for family settings & future therapy potential.

  • Extremely low incidence of major genetic health issues (less than 1%).

  • Every puppy is backed with a genetic health warrantee

  • Each puppy comes with a lifetime rehoming option, meaning our dog never end up in shelters

  • Lifetime adopter support.  We'll help you through any hiccups.

  • Our puppies are RETURNABLE, including refunded payment! 

  • Ethically and exceptionally raised in an enriched, spacious, exceptional environment exceed all of the Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association required standards.

We are a vet assessed and recommended kennel. 
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We have puppies heading to their new homes in June!  


Interested in adding a quality puppy to your family this summer or fall?  

Get priority selection from our incredible litters by joining the waitlist!


Bear & Bentley

Male - Apricot Patch


I'm the epitome of a teddy bear pup with my full and gorgeous loose curls and my beautiful dark eyes and longer Bichon nose length.  I'm a sweet and fun boy and will be a great pet for someone wanting a gentle natured soul who loves his humans.  I'll be a light apricot in my colored areas and retain some of my "patched" color look.  I'll likely weigh 12-14lbs. 



Male - Apricot


If you like my mom's color, I'm the boy for you.  I'll likely look quite a bit like the photo of the top of the page of my brother from a previous litter.  My coat is slightly wavy, silky and in a red based apricot.  My nose length is medium, more like my Gramma Caramel's nose.  I have a sweet temperament that is just a touch shy but in love with those I know.  I'm likely to be a lovely cuddler.  I'll weigh 11-13 as an adult. 

Female - Apricot Patch
- Adopted

I'm a beautiful girl with my large and lovely eyes.  All puppies start with pink noses and mine is still turning back, but it will be black shortly!  I'll weigh 10-12lbs.  I have a lot of black tipping on my silky straight coat so once that grows out, I'll be a beautiful honey hue of  light apricot.  I'll have a medium nose length.  I can't wait to meet you, give you some of my friendly wags and little kisses!


 Female - Apricot Patch
- Adopted


I have flashy and fun coloring with richly colored markings offsetting my white.  My coat is silky and straight.  I'll likely weigh 11-13 as an adult. I'll have my parents medium nose length.  I enjoy toys, playing with my pals and giving love and attention to my human friends.


Male - Apricot 


I am a lovely little boy with a silky smooth coat that will be light apricot in color.  I'll have a medium nose length like my parents and weigh 10-12lbs as an adult. I love to play and my brother and I tend to "bumble" around more than the girls who have matured a little quicker than us and are more rough and tumble.


Male - White - Bichon Frise

$2990- 4 months old.
Doggie door trained, vaccinated
Sleeping in a kennel through the night.

Ready for a puppy who has the initial training and vet work already completed?  Are you wanting some fluffy whiteness and a whole lot of love?!  I'm your boy!  I'll be a divine ball of snowy poof with a black button nose and melt-your-soul eyes.  I'll have the classic longer Bichon length of nose and weigh 11-13 lbs as an adult.  I will love people, love to play, love going on walks and have a sunshine outlook.  

I have been working hard on my doggie door skills and am going to the bathroom outside consistently!  I have also completed all of my initial immunzations and I'm ready to start doing walks and obedience training. I've had extended socialization opportunities and will be a very easy puppy for a family to add to their home!

Who are we?

Enjoy a video tour below! 
We'd love to share more with you about our passion for these dogs and give you an inside glimpse into their amazing home.

Male - Apricot Patch


I'm a sweet natured boy who has a more settled temperament, just like my Daddy Fleur.  I do enjoy playing and having fun, but I have a really gentle and "follower" sort of spirit.    I'll grow around into one of those boys who enjoys a nice nap snuggle and a walk as you have the time for it.  I'll have a medium nose length, a wavy coat and likely weigh 9-11 lbs as an adult.  I can't wait to meet you and show you some love!

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