Puppy Adoption and Waitlist Application

Please read the following before filling out our application:

1.   Please fill out our application to be added to our waitlist for a future puppy.   After we have received your application we will chat on the phone ... and I’m looking forward to answering any questions that you might have!  Please be patient as it make take a week or two for us to get back to you, depending on the number of applications we've received.

2.  For waitlist addition, a non-refundable $300 deposit is required that will hold your place on the waitlist, and will be applied to your puppy’s final payment.   Deposits can be sent via e-transfer and are non-refundable in any case.  We will call you and chat BEFORE a deposit will be accepted.  Thank you.

3.  Your deposit will expire, so you need to let us know your preferred timing.   


Our FALL 2020 and WINTER 2021 and SPRING 2021 waitlists are now full and CLOSED (now through end of May 2021).  


Our SUMMER 2021 waitlist (June - Aug) is now OPEN and you are welcome to apply.


If we have additional availability from our earlier waitlists, families on later waitlists will be offered the opportunity to move forward. In this case, we will shift your deposit to the offered waitlist, but other than this, deposits are not transferable between our waitlists as we accept a limited number of families for each period.  Each waitlist typically has 10-14 litters to choose from and families have the freedom to select from any of the litters or puppies in their chosen time span and pass on those that don't interest them.  The litters will include a variety of sizes, nose lengths and appearances.   Your deposit can be applied to any available puppy in your selected waitlist period, and will expire at the end of that timing.   

4. The puppy selection process occurs when the puppies are around 6 weeks of age, based on waitlist order, and via the photos, videos and descriptions offered on the website.   You will receive an email at that time giving you directions and letting you know that selections are taking place.  After requesting a puppy using these resources, you are welcome to visit your puppy at 6-7 weeks of age and confirm that you are pleased with the puppy you asked to be held for you.  Full payment can be brought as cash to this puppy viewing appointment, or sent within 24 hours by e-transfer.  If you are from out of town or skipping the viewing, final payments are still due by this date.

The average puppy price for our Spring and Summer 2021 litters will be $2150.  The odd "premium puppy", designated for smaller size (9lbs or under) or exceptional qualities, will be priced higher.  

5.  Puppy pickup dates are firm, generally set for the Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the puppy's 8 week birthday.   If you can't make the puppy pickup dates of a particular litter work because of vacations or other commitments, you'll have plenty other puppy choices from alternative litters and timings.  You'll have the opportunity to book the pickup time of your choice once you've selected your puppy.   Alternate dates are available for those wanting to have a puppy shipped.  Shipping is available to specific locations that Westjet offers and is not a guarantee, so please do not place a deposit if picking up your puppy in person is not a possibility.

Just a friendly reminder that we only offer adoptions to families whose youngest human member is age five or older.   If you'd like more info on our reason for this, please check out our FAQ section.  

We reserve the 1st spot on every seasonal waitlist (starting with our Winter Waitlist 2021) for our charity auction.  The opportunity to bid on this spot will be offered to existing waitlist families and the general public and will occur as that waitlist season begins.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to International Justice MissionCompassion International, or Ellilta International for the assistance of children and families in need worldwide.  Please take some time to check out these amazing organizations!

It goes without saying that all of our puppies come with a two year genetic health warrantee, vet check and immunizations, deworming, Trupanion insurance trial, life time rehoming policy and unparalleled follow up care.  We offer refunds and a return policy on our puppies, so if you take your puppy home and find out your allergies are acting up or you had no idea what puppy management involved, in the first month you are welcome to bring the puppy back and we will refund your payment, minus your deposit.  As far as I know, no other breeder offers this degree of an unrestricted return policy, and it’s our way of ensuring that every puppy and every adoption we facilitate is a happy and successful one.

We look forward to matching you with a very special fur-family member!  

We are currently ONLY accepting applications for our summer 2021 waitlists.

Please do not fill out an application for  2020 puppy adoptions as those waitlists are CLOSED with no further availability

Please be patient as it may take a week or two to call you regarding your application, depending on the number we receive.  You will receive an email confirmations of your application within 3 days of receiving it .

Thank you and we can't wait to chat about these awesome dogs!!


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