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What are our adopters saying?
Enjoy the following reviews and photos sent in from our adopters!

You may have received a partial email just now from me. As I was writing Freya came over looked at the screen and I think she may have touched the send icon. If you didn’t receive a rogue email I was just writing to up date you on Freya (Sugar). We adopted our sweet girl in October last year...  ...she's very cuddly but lets us know when she’s had enough and wants to be on her own. She’s fantastic with other dogs, large and small. At first she stands back a little but after the introductions she up for the big play.  Our daughter has a husky cross, Stella is about 12 years old so she’s slowing down but the two of them are so funny together. We do keep an eye on them at all times however just to be on the safe side. She is loved by all….family, friends and even neighbours. Comments”she takes the cutness award”, “shes so quiet”, “oh my god what a sweetness” and on it goes. Karen we are so happy we adopted her….thank you for the work you do with these puppies. The fact you know them so well not only their size etc. but also their little personalities. Our girl is so spoilt, but she’s not a pain. She knows what no is and sometimes pushes the envelope. She barks very little and is easy to calm down if she gets too excited. The funniest thing though is when I play with her if she accidentally hurts me and I say ouch, she comes up and gives me a kiss. She’s amazing . Also I would like to send a bouquet to the young lady who tended to us the day we picked Freya up. She’s was of great help and so kind and very good employee. And just an update on little Macleod now Mackenzie. He was adopted by (S.D.W). He is growing up fine and dandy. Freya sees him when we all go on walks. When the weather gets better they will be playing outdoors at our house or theirs. He’s a cute one too. (S & D) love him so much, not to mention their family. Ok I know this is a long email but I just had so much to write about her and I really needed to get it all out tonight, since we’re also renovating some of the house my time is limited. Oh and she travels with no problem, the center of attention in hotels and she just loves it. I will try to send you some pics. Thank you again, if we were younger we would adopt another little fur ball… Sincerely M. R., Alberta (May 2024)

"We ABSOLUTELY LOVE our pups from BABY BARKS! We got Ogie & Olive (parents Mocha & Samuri) in June 2022. The pups have the sweetest dispositions, and they love to play, do tricks, and cuddle on the couch with us. They even have their own YouTube Channel!  We’re so glad we got two pups because Ogie & Olive are the best of friends. We chose Baby Barks because we love this small mixed breed and the fact that they don’t shed and make excellent companions. We were very impressed with the entire adoption process -- very professional, thorough, and ethical. We were also impressed with the Baby Barks facility. It was clean, well-organized, and the staff was friendly.  We lost our last pup in October of 2020 and when we were finally ready to welcome new furry friends into our family, we chose Baby Barks, and we are so glad we did!  Thanks so much to Karen and her staff for making the experience of adopting our new pups truly AMAZING!"   

Coralie & Jeff G (Dec 2022)


"Mercy has completely changed my life. She is so patient, always sweet and happy, and has connected me with the neighborhood in amazing says.  I am blessed beyond measure every single day, knowing what a gift from God she truly is.   I tell everyone what an amazingly ethical, caring dog breeder you are, your people sized "dog house", the fantastic bichon shihtzu crossbreed.   And on and on.  Never met a breeder like you.  Never imagined a new Best Friend with such Mercy and Grace.  Thank you! "  Leah D (Aug 2022)


"We highly recommend Baby Barks for their amazing pups and outstanding support through the whole process of getting a puppy. We got Bear (parents Butterscotch and Sherlock) in November 2021 and he became an instant well loved member of our family. We are amazed at how great Bear is with children. My two sons aged 8 and 11 and all of their friends can pick Bear up, snuggle him, play with him, walk him and Bear loves every minute of it. This breed is an outstanding family dog. I have serious dog allergies and Bear has not bothered me at all. He does not shed at all. He has the best little personality, and we are so grateful for him every day. if you are considering this breed, contact Karen at Baby Barks, you won't be disappointed!"  Ginger D (July 2022 – FB Review)


"We adopted our boy, Ferb (formerly Ewok) from Baby Barks in February 2022. His parents are Leia and Rustle. The adoption process was made simple by Karen and her staff. They answered all our questions and provided lots of information about puppy care. We were able to visit with Ferb before bringing him home and we even met his parents. It was very comforting to see where our pup came from and how beautiful a facility Baby Barks is. We are very fond of this breed as Ferb is our third bichon shih tzu. We knew that Baby Barks is a trusted breeder producing well-loved puppies that are healthy, beautiful and good natured. We are very in love with our boy. He is a joyful, energetic, and intelligent boy".  Nayla C. (July 2022 – FB Review)

"Getting a Baby Barks puppy was not a decision we took lightly. It was well-researched and carefully and lovingly thought out. My parents’ Shih Tzu Bichon passed away in 2018 (he was 18!), and our family was devastated. We decided, in 2020, that our lives simply weren’t complete without a four-legged friend. I have severe allergies, and we felt that our 1200 square foot home in the city would be bested suited for a smaller breed. My heart was set on a Shih Tzu Bichon, as they are hypoallergenic and non-shedding, which was a must with my allergies. I liked the idea of getting a rescue dog but found that local shelters and rescues only had medium to large dogs, and rarely were they non-shedding. After much searching, I concluded that I was not going to find this breed at a shelter. I scoured the Internet, looking for a breeder nearby, but none could be found. One of my searches took me to the Baby Barks website (, and I was thoroughly impressed! I reached out to Karen, sending her two pages of questions about her facility and her dogs. Not only did she answer my questions, but she spent over an hour on the phone with me, talking about her facility, the parent dogs, and their puppies. We figured we had hit the jackpot and hastened to get our name on the Baby Barks’ waitlist!

Here are just some of the reasons why I was impressed with Baby Barks and feel that it is not only a second-to-none, ethical breeding facility, but also a loving home to some very happy and well-adjusted parent doggies!

- Baby Barks selects caring and dedicated adopters. Families are thoroughly screened, and it’s clear that Karen cares about her dogs and wants the puppies to go to good homes. Karen wanted to know how old our kids are, if we have a fenced-in back yard, if we have parks nearby, and what our plan was in terms of work (i.e., would the puppy be left alone for long periods of time).

- With ten years’ experience, Karen is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable, assisting with any questions that arise before and after adoption. As mentioned, she patiently answered two pages of typed up questions, even though many of the answers could have been found on her website. She replied to countless e-mails, and we spoke several times during the adoption process. I frequently refer to her website for tips on raising our puppy, and I have connected with many other Baby Barks families. Being a part of the “Baby Barks family” has brought me great joy!

- Karen’s dogs are well cared for and loved, and they enjoy an amazing and engaging environment. Baby Barks puppies are healthy, sociable, and well-adjusted. Karen has a trusty team of employees, and the Baby Barks facility is pristine – it’s bright and sunny, spacious, homey, and clean. Dogs enjoy frequent off-leash walks on the large, fully fenced property. The dogs get exceptional veterinary care, and puppies come with a clean bill of health (see the attached letter of recommendation from Dr. Andy Mencarelli at Didsbury Animal Clinic).

- Baby Barks adheres to the highest level of ethical standards. When I first spoke with Karen, I wanted to know how old the mama dogs are when they have their first litters, and I asked how many litters they have before “retiring” (i.e., being adopted). I also wanted to know what kind of life the dogs have while they are at Baby Barks. By in large, I wanted to make sure that Baby Barks wasn’t a Puppy Mill – that the dogs are well cared for and have an excellent quality of life. My conversations with Karen, combined with the plethora of videos and photos posted on her website and by Baby Barks families, re-assured me that Karen is an ethical breeder and that her dogs are both healthy and happy. Karen warranties all of her puppies, and she accepts returns on an unlimited basis. This is amazing, and a true testament to Karen’s caring and ethical practice.

To conclude, let me tell you about our Baby Barks puppy, Ollie. We loved my parents Shih Tzu Bichon, and there were “big shoes to fill”. Ollie has exceeded our every expectation, and we feel blessed, every day, to have him. He has excellent health (absolutely no issues), he is curious and fun, and he is incredibly smart. He was “bell trained” within a month, and he continues to learn new things each day. Ollie is extremely sociable, and I can’t count the times that complete strangers (people out walking, the pizza delivery man, etc.) have exclaimed, “wow, is he ever friendly!” He doesn’t bark at people or at other dogs, and he is excellent with small children. Ollie is loyal and loveable. He enjoys snuggles with his favorite humans and wants to be wherever we are… which is exactly what I was hoping for in a dog! We really feel like we lucked out with Ollie, but in speaking with other Baby Barks families, it seems that their dogs also fit this bill! Ollie has filled a hole in our hearts."  - Erin M (2020 adoption)

We absolutely recommend Karen and Baby Barks if you are considering a new little fur-baby shih tzu!! We did a lot of research before finding our little Marley and could not be happier!! Happy, healthy, beautiful puppy, and Karen is great answering questions and supporting with advice over your first few days/weeks. Marley joined our family in June 2022, but during our research we came across many previous positive reviews and return buyers before making a decision. Highly recommend!  Maureen P. (July 2022 – FB Review)


Our pup Solo joined us in Aug 2020. She is an absolute delight. She has a wonderful temperament and sunny personality. She is just perfect. Her parents are Pumpkin and Bjorn. Karen was wonderful and available to answer questions when needed.  Her place is clean and inviting. Our meet and greet was so much fun despite the covid restrictions she had to have in place. Karen clearly loves her pups and is a reputable breeder. Highly recommend BabyBarks if you are looking for a furbaby to join your family. Yash S. (July 2022 FB Review)


I can't recommend Baby Barks enough! We adopted our much loved Bernie in June 2021. (Originally named "Wallace" with parents of Whisper and Fleur.) At every vet visit, the vet comments on how healthy he is. It is very obvious how much care and love Karen and her team puts into raising these pups. We love Bernie so much that we decided to add to our family and have another Baby Barks puppy coming to us next week! I would recommend Baby Barks to anyone who is wanting to adopt a Bichon Shih Tzu (or a Bichon Shih Tzu with a bit of Yorkie)!  Carrie C. (July 2022 – FB Review)

After adopting our first dog in February, Karen has answered several emails and phone calls to guide us in questions about the puppy.   We waited until February because my youngest daughter had to be 5 before we were able to take our new puppy home. ( For good reason). We had been looking for a puppy since October and after looking on kijiji and not being sure about what we would get when we found Baby Barks.  Just before this we were close on buying a puppy the same dog cross from someone we found on kijiji but no paperwork/infor would be provided and we got scared.  With Baby barks we filled out an application, had a phone call and then made a deposit.   One very important reason we were so happy to have found a legitimate breeder is their policy of a lifetime return of the dog and refund if things did not go as planned.  As an allergy sufferer this reassured us there was an option of the allergies became too much.  How many breeders offer this?  Honestly of all of my friends who also bought from reputable breeders none offered this guarantee and I can guarantee no puppy mill would.  Karen Miller is there real deal!   When we picked up “Paris” we noticed a clean place, no outside shoes allowed to protect the puppy from illness and no dogs in kennels all roaming free and happy.  Karen was protective of her puppies. Paris came with one vaccine and full paperwork and we saw both parents.  I am sure the same wouldn’t be true of a puppy mill.  She sent toys and stuffy that smelled like her puppy friends.  The same story went when we got our second puppy but she had all of her shots, as she was older.  Would a puppy mill care to have their puppies checked by the vet and vaccinated? I don’t believe so! They are beautiful puppies with gorgeous colors. -  Amanda C 


From the time we contacted Karen about getting a Furbaby, she was so very helpful. She is very professional and answered our questions for us.  We had to change our wait list due to health reasons and there was no problem. We adopted Bailey (Limey) from Blueberry and Caper’s litter born March 27, 2020. We did go for a “meet and greet” prior to bringing Bailey home and were so impressed with the puppy nursery! What a fantastic set up she has - and one could tell by her interaction with the parents and puppies that they were truly loved. Would definitely recommend Baby Barks to anyone!  Margaret W. (July 2022 – FB Review)


We adopted Shanti in October 2020 and she is the love of my life. Karen and her team carefully prepared her for her flight and it went perfectly. Shanti arrived with her first vet visit under her belt and the paperwork with her. Though we couldn’t visit prior adoption, the videos of Baby Barks show a clean space and happy dogs. Our puppy arrived healthy and I am confident that she was well cared for and loved by the Baby Barks team. I recommend Baby Barks to everyone I know because of the careful breeding done by Karen. Karen chooses healthy dog parents and considers their temperament as well. It really shows.  Deb H. (July 2022 – FB Review)


Baby Barks is professional from beginning to end! Our Reilly is a pup from one of Zyphers first puppies. He is charming, a prancer and a rascal!  Christine W. (July 2022 – FB Review)


I can’t say enough good things about Baby Barks. I adopted Truffle in June 2021. I really appreciated Karen’s transparency and thoroughness with the entire adoption process. Truffle is the best dog I could’ve ever asked for. He’s healthy and beautiful and has the best temperament. Every day I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a dog this wonderful in my life.  Christina K. (July 2022 – FB Review)


We received our Baby Barks puppy this spring. CA$H, formerly known as Peter was born on February 18th to his parents Peach and Stewart. CA$H certainly has his own personality and is such a cuddlebug. He is so smart and really good at sit, stay and going for walks. He instantly falls asleep on car rides and loves playing with his big brother. Thank you Karen and Baby Barks staff for everything. Karen was amazing and answered all my questions. She is very knowledgeable, transparent and passionate about her pups! I would highly recommend Baby Barks to anyone wanting to add a fur baby to their family.  Kathy P. (July 2022 – FB Review)


Karen and her team at Baby barks are the real deal. Professional and wonderful to work with. Our sweet Auggie arrived healthy, happy and well socialized. Our vet was also very pleased with the quality of our puppy. That shows the care and dedication that goes into these dogs.  You will be lucky to add one of these cuddle bugs to your family!  Michelle J. (July 2022 – FB Review)


Truffles joined us in October 2020! We knew we wanted a smaller sized dog and a non shedding dog so we looked into the bichons, shih tzus, maltese etc breeds.  Through that research we found the Baby Barks website and fell in love with all the adorable pics!  We really liked the website as it provided many resources and expectations of adopting a Baby Bark pup. Karen has designed a very detailed info section, faq and many more resources once you have gotten on the waitlist.  Additionally, Karen takes the time during the ‘interview/phone call’ to explain the process, deposit, and any concerns or questions you have. The incredible support Karen and her Baby Barks family provided helped make the adopting process seamless! Truffles is an awesome fit for our family and has enjoyed hiking, sleeping and playing with us!   Melissa H. (July 2022 – FB Review)


Friendly responsive staff. Even before I was on the waitlist Karen and her staff were more than helpful Rowan was adopted in late April 2021 daughter of Nugget and Chili. As it was during lockdown I didn’t get a tour but what was visible was clean and comfortable looking. Those dogs inside looked happy and healthy. Several older puppies were outside in the garden entertaining themselves tearing up landscape fabric. Rowan herself is part devil part angel and entertaining in both guises She loves everyone and everything. A girl with no fear. At the dog park she has introduced herself to most of the dogs regardless of size and is happy to play with them all after she does a round of their parents. Other than treats the only thing that will take her attention away is a little kid she loves kissing and rolling around with them. I am very glad to have found their page when I was researching breeders You can’t go wrong with one of these little cuddlers.  Sue R. (July 2022 – FB Review)


Phoebe was born on May 8, 2020 to Prairie & Sherlock. We kept the name that Karen gave her as it really grew on us and after visiting her, it just seemed so right. We brought her home on July 4, 2020 and our lives changed for the better, forever. We don't have children so before we were a couple but now, we are a family. We just love her so much! I am grateful for Karen and Baby Barks for the positive experience from start to finish. It was so hard to select a pup from all the adorable ones available but Karen was very patient and helped us through the process. Phoebe was described as being ‘cautious in new situations’ so we were a bit nervous that she would be too timid. But she quickly became a very curious, confident and feisty pup! She will enthusiastically play chase or wrestle with any dog who shows interest, regardless of its breed or size. She loves being outside in the sun or snow, exploring rivers or lakes, hiking in the mountains, playing at the dog park and meeting new dogs or people. We couldn't be happier with our decision and often wonder how we ended up with the smartest, cutest, sweetest, sassiest and most affectionate pup of all – and I'm sure every Baby Bark family feels the same!  Barb A. (July 2022 – FB Review)


We had an amazing experience getting our fur baby Bruno, who just turned one on July 2, 2022 He is such a cute little muffin, so loving and adorable that one of our neighbours adopted from you as well! Your pups are precious!  Darlene C. (July 2022 – FB Review)

We have adopted two Bichon Shih Tzu pups from Karen Miller at Baby Barks over the past number of years. My association with Baby Barks does go back a few years in that my family were referred to Karen by an associate here in Kelowna who had adopted many pups from Karen, and previously from Pooch Palace (I think that is the name of the previous breeders). This associate here in Kelowna had the most fantastic Bichon Shih Tzus, and we felt sure that a dog that was so healthy with such a wonderful temperament would work well for our family.


A number of years later, after our old, much loved, Golden Retrievers passed away, we were looking for a smaller breed that would fit into our household.  We did a lot of research on Baby Barks, and spoke with Karen Miller many many times on the phone asking questions and making sure that we were heading in the right direction. In fact, we felt it was more of an interview in the other direction, as Karen was making sure that we were adopting for all the right reasons, that our home and family was going to suit the breed, and that we were going to be able to take care of the pup.  We made the commitment, and made the long trip up to Carstairs to check the facilities out, and to make sure that the pups and adult dogs were all that we were anticipating.


We were not disappointed.


The area of Carstairs is so beautiful and we enjoyed driving around the area while we waited for our appointment time. When we drove up the secure and private driveway of Baby Barks, one cannot overlook the clean and tidy property.  Well manicured and certainly an idealic spot for dogs to live. The space that the dogs have to grow and adventure is enviable. We were cheerfully greeted by the Baby Barks team, who were not only friendly, but incredibly professional. Every care was taken to ensure that we removed our shoes to not infect the area where the dogs were.


We were extremely impressed and in fact have never seen anything like it.

Our previous dog adoption experiences were the true back yard breeder, where the dogs were all roaming around literally in a back yard, or barn. This facility was so clean and so well organised. The pups were in secured raised “beds” as I have described them to my friends and family. The organisation of how we were introduced to the pups and adult dogs was indicative of the organisation and professionalism of the breeder.


The paperwork was handled well and we walked away with our new puppy, together with a package with everything we may need to know about our pup. Karen had introduced us to our first puppies Grandmother, and we could see for ourselves how well loved, and well taken care of these dogs were. We liked the fact that she did not overbreed with her girls, and their mating and birthing process was mindful of not turning them into what some have referred to as factories. This is not a factory.  This is a magical place.  The follow up with Karen was amazing as she checked in with us, and made herself available to us to answer any questions we may have.  And we had lots – and she always took the time to return our calls.


The puppies we have from Baby Barks are :

 Kipling – Birth Date 11 November, 2019

Tilly – Birth Date 3 June, 2022


These are incredibly healthy and well bred dogs.  We have had no health issues whatsoever and the pups have thrived. They have been a welcome addition to our home, which is a multi generational home. We have had no behaviours to be concerned about and the pups settled quickly and well and have been very easy to train, showing intelligence.


It is our intention to continue our relationship with Baby Barks, and we do hope that they are given the opportunity to take their business to another level.

There is such a call for dogs with this temperament, who are bred to be healthy and fit into a domestic situation. After searching throughout the BC Lower Mainland, and into the Kootenays and even down to the US, we cannot find another breeder who takes their work to the level that Baby Barks does.


We have had association with rescue dogs. How wonderful that we are able to rescue these dogs from the street life.  However, it is our experience that these are dogs with unknown health situations and temperaments that are unpredictable.

Our household, with 4 generations living together, cannot accommodate an unpredictable dog.  There are times that the older folk in our home are responsible for the dogs. We need a family dog who does not need an awful lot of attention during our busy working week and can fit into our routine.  Kipling and Tilly are such an amazing addition to our family.We hope that we will be able to continue adopting dogs from Baby Barks for many years to come.

-Alison B

They really are THE BEST!!! I would not hesitate to get another little fur family member from Baby Barks! Best decision we’ve made! Highly recommend because of their professional, kind and thoughtful approach to their pups and adopting families.   Tash J. (July 2022 – FB Review)


We adopted our sweet Brittany from Baby Barks in October 2019. Karen and her staff walked us through the process and answered our million questions about puppies and dogs. We know other families who have also adopted from Baby Barks and everyone has such great things to say about the process and absolutely love their fur family member!  Maria D. (July 2022 – FB Review)


We joined the Winter 2021/2022 waitlist and from the moment of joining, we were thrilled with the process. Our family enjoyed logging in to look at the puppies as they came available. We entered our first selection for February adoption and were thrilled to get one of our top 5 picks. Archie (originally Blitz - parents Jenga & Sherlock) was shipped to us here in BC via Westjet and the entire process was seamless. Our little guy has brought us so much joy, as well as some sleepless nights the first week as he adjusted to his new home. Karen and team were so helpful from start to finish. And our kids still love checking the website to look at all the new puppies (secretly hoping Mom & Dad will adopt one or two more!!!) I recommend BabyBarks to anyone who stops us on our multiple daily walks - and there are lots of stops due to the crazy friendly nature of our pup!  Courtney M. (July 2022 – FB Review)


We adopted Maggie (formerly Greta) in June of 2021.   We had been on your waiting list for one year anticipating the day we could bring our new addition home soon.  During that time we joined the BabyBarks Facebook page and heard over and over from owners how smart and loving these puppies were. We have had dogs all of our married life (50 years) and loved them all however, Maggie is on the top capturing us all with her charm, wit, cheekiness and loving nature. She has brought so much laughter into our home  My daughter calls her a therapy dog because she is so loving.  She is so intelligent…..sometimes we have to wonder who is training who?   There is no doubt that the breeding and care given by Baby Barks Kennel makes a difference. We have recommended BabyBarks Kennel to many of our friends and our daughter is hoping to get a puppy (just like Maggie) in the next year.   We are so thankful for the care and loving Baby Barks Kennel gives.  Paul & Dona R. (July 2022 – FB Review) 


We recently received our Baby Barks puppy and she is wonderful! Karen and staff were great to deal with. We had an amazing puppy visit the week before bringing her home and were able to meet Brio (Dam) as well as having a kennel tour. Karen answered all our questions and their website is full of helpful information and videos.   Marianne K. (July 2022 – FB Review)

I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember. When my parents finally decided we could get a dog, our family thought a lot about what kind of dog we wanted and where we wanted to get it from. Our first choice was to check out shelters, since we know that so many dogs need good homes. We needed a dog that was hypoallergenic, since one of our family members has allergies. We sound found that it was impossible to find a small non-shedding dog from a shelter, so my parents started looking into different breeders. 


My parents literally looked all across Canada to find a breeder that they thought was ethical. They settled on Karen Miller and we drove 6 hours to check out her facility before making our choice. When we arrived at Baby Barks, we were so excited to meet Karen and to see that her dogs that were happy and well-loved and her place was super clean. From here on in we referred to Karen’s place as ‘Dog Disney Land’ because from a dog’s perspective, it would have been the most enjoyable place on earth. There were toys everywhere, dog friends to play with, and they could go in and outside whenever they liked through special doggy dogs. It was also located on an acreage and so they had plenty of space to run and play. Karen’s family lived there as well and it was clear that the dogs were showered with love and cuddles. They even took turns sleeping on her bed!


Before we were able to get a dog from Karen, we also had to make sure we were ready for one. Karen wanted to know that we had a fence and that my parents were not at work all day and had time to care for a puppy. She also wanted to know how many kids and what ages we were because she said these dogs are very small, so they need children that can be old enough to respect them. We were lucky she said yes! Even after she said yes, we were on a waitlist for a long time. We had no idea how hard it was to find a small non-shedding dog! A couple of years later when we wanted another dog, we got a retired mom from Karen as well. It was clear how much Karen loved her dogs – she was so sad to give up Mya and she checked in often to make sure she was doing well with us. She told us that she had a lifetime return policy for both of our dogs and that if anything ever changed with our family’s situation, all we had to do was call.


Please know that my family and I have visited Karen’s place many times, and you will never find a more loving breeder with a nicer facility. We love our dogs.  - Allyssa M

We got our BabyBarks puppy in Dec 2020. Because of Covid, adopting looked a little different and Karen and her staff took time to answer our questions and help us find a puppy that would be a good fit for our family. They also provided support and answered questions after we had him home. We ended up with the most amazing little dog . Highly recommend if you want to add a new little family member to your life!  Kirsten T. (July 2022 – FB Review)


I brought Loki home from Baby Barks in January. Loki has brought endless joy to our household, and he has become my dedicated sassy shadow. I can't imagine life without him following me around wherever I go.  Karen and her team were absolutely amazing to work with throughout the entire process, and I could honestly see how well they take care of their breeding dogs. Truly a remarkable breeder.   Julia R. (July 2022 FB Review)


Just a very quick email to let you know we are SO happy with our little puppy and the first month with her has been amazing. She is so good natured and such a sweetheart who just loves people and enjoys all the attention she’s been getting. Thank you again SO much we couldn’t be happier.  Simone R. (July 2022)

I adopted my puppy Brahms formerly known as Rhodes in April 2022. His parents are Holly and Hero. My experience with the Baby Barks staff and Karen have been nothing short of amazing. They are great communicators and very helpful in answering questions or concerns both before and after the adoption.  Thank you for bringing this enormous package of joy to our lives!!  Maureen S. (July 2022)


Just wanted to update you that Nella is doing great! Eating and growing like crazy. She is so loved   Thank you for her and all the support!   Renaye M. (July 2022)


Best addition to our family!  Harley is a big cuddler, loves lake life - including paddleboarding.  Tess B. (July 2022)

I am absolutely thrilled with my boy and how good-natured and loved he was when he arrived. It is obvious how attentive and caring this kennel is to their dogs and puppies.   Thank you so much for my best boy.  My heart is so full.  Cari M. (July 2022 – FB Review)


Baby Barks had given us so much joy to our lives. Our little Zoe “Enola” is from Rose and Everest litter born in Aug we got her Jan 15, 2022. She is feisty, loves to cuddle, an instigator with her fur sister and loves to chew on everything lol Karens team was welcoming, organized, available for any questions and i am even trying to convince my husband to have another one. Her quality of dogs is amazing. I have gotten so many compliments on our little Zoe. Thanks to the Baby Barks.  Sophie M.  (July 2022 – FB Review)

You have brought so much love and joy to so many families.  Nayla C. (June 2022)


Thank you so much for our two beautiful boys!  We have 1 year old Cruiser from Chewie and Chai (little dark guy) and 6 month old Rocky from Izzy and Stewart.  We are so grateful to have these dear boys! Thank you for making our lives even better than it already was. We appreciate these two every single day! Thank you!!!  Pam & Dean B (May 2022)


I have been so impressed with your business. Your website is first rate and very easy to access and use. The information in all aspects of choosing and buying a puppy are very thorough and detailed. I am finding it very handy in these first days of having a puppy. The day we picked up our puppy was such a delightful experience.  Not rushed us as we wanted to take it all in. What a wonderful kennel and the dogs were all so happy to see us......just such a treat!  I did want you to know that I could not have purchased a more perfect puppy, she was made for me.  She has such a calm, happy personality and I would say that her parents genes are really showing in her behavior.  I am not boasting, because I am not responsible, but she has slept through the night since the day I got her. She loves everyone she meets and settles in well.  I have enjoyed my correspondence with you - so a big THANK YOU for such a wonderful little puppy.  June E. (April 2022)


We are so pleased with our little puppy from Baby Barks. We are so amazed with his consistent use of the pee pad. He even left playing with the grandchildren to go and do his business. He also slept through the night the first two nights. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for finding a good match for us. He is a very friendly and playful puppy and is a great addition to our family!  Pat & Merv C. (April 2022)


A year ago we got a puppy.  Jasper is full of energy, loves to smile, and is always asking for belly rubs. He learned how to potty train quickly and enjoys going on walks. It is a joy to have him in our family.  Thank you for helping us last year!  Heather R. (April 2022)


Fudge, who became a part of our family in November - we love him more than words can say.  Rhonda T. (April 2022)


We just love her cuddles and playful spirit!  Brenda & Kane (April 2022)


We just wanted to update you on Walter. We are so in love with this beautiful boy. He’s such a gentle soul. We’ve had so many laughs and so many cuddles. He’s doing very well at potty training. He’s the perfect addition to our family. We are grateful for Baby Barks and we are loving our boy!!  Bryn G. (April 2022)

Thought I would give you an update on the girls.  They are doing great.  Full of fun, love and mischief.  We are loving every minute with them!   Elaine V. (March 2022)

After being a dog owner for all of my 50 plus years, 18 years ago found the need to get a dog to fill my empty heart after losing my German Shepherd.  I visited two kennels stating they had a smaller breed of Bishon Shitzu for which I was longing. Both locations were in the Red Deer area and my young daughter, and I visited the locations.   I instantly became disturbed by the state of the dogs, the Momma’s with very poor health and almost body parts hanging from them.  I was devasted for the dogs, their puppies and thoroughly upset.  My daughter and I walked away and in the car, called bylaw.  I was so stunned, shocked, and reported both places as I could not imagine.  My daughter and I were devasted that we left all those puppies behind, but the disease and issues I could not imagine.   Our love for a Bishon Shitzu, from a stand up kennel became the driving factor when we found Pooch Palace. We adopted a beautiful puppy named Penny who  was my best friend through her life of almost 16 years. When I lost her I was again broken hearted as was my large dog, we were family. We reached out to Karen Miller of Baby Barks after researching many sites that all pointed me to her.  I was scared to attempt to trust a new breeder.  I spoke with her several times wondering if I was ready, checking out Karen’s policy’s, Karen’s processes and explaining my broken heart and she walked me through the right time will come.  There was no pressure, I asked her all the tough questions and she answered them all with ease.  I spoke to her assistant that also assured me the puppies came from loving well cared for parents, who are treated as their own.  They were vet checked, family raised, health checked, and we could come out anytime we wanted to check them out. That said a lot right there.  I put my name on a waiting list after researching her extensively and decided she was the one.  I knew the long 1 – 2 year wait would be worth it. Shortly after I got the call I had been waiting for that I could indeed choose a puppy we fell in love with Earl.  By the questions I was asked by Karen, I know too that Karen Miller was vetting me to ensure I would make a good dog Momma and Family and I respect her for that as well. She is not ready to share her beautiful puppies with just anyone, that is stand up.  Money is all the same but sadly all families are not meant to be dog owners and Karen was indeed checking me out as I was checking out her kennel and we so respect her for that.

When I booked the visit to see the Kennel, to check not only Karen and her staff out, but the kennel itself and to meet Earl I was thrilled. 

  • We were given strict instructions that we must come healthy

  • We had to bleach our shoes to ensure no germs came into the kennel to harm her precious dogs

I was impressed, I had seen the videos online of the puppies and the kennel and its surroundings and pictures of all the dogs, Mommas, Dads and Puppies and thought I wonder what it really looked like once we got there.  It is never as it appears online and to my husband, myself and our two daughters we were thrilled the kennel was just as it appears on the internet.  Truth be told, we were impressed.

The kennel was clean, fun, happy and we even got to meet both of Earls parents.  This is unheard of at most kennels, usually you have to trust the owners on what they say are the parents but not at Baby Barks you actually meet them and many others.  My daughter and I wanted to work there, we wanted a job there and we wanted to stay and love all the happy puppies and parents up. 

We saw the groomer there, grooming and the dogs whom were not upset, they were content to be groomed and we were impressed.  We fell in love with Baby Barks, their process, their dedication, their kennel, surroundings, staff and Earl. 

After adopting Earl, we had a check in call from Karen, we asked updating questions.  Earl turns 3 years old next month and I and my family would be lost without him. We see videos often of his Momma and her pals,  playing on the Baby Barks acreage and our hearts melt.  We feel like family and could reach out anytime.  What a cool life these parent dogs have!

We feel blessed to have found Baby Barks and have referred them to so many people when they ask where we got such a perfect puppy. Earl is a gem, healthy, happy, full of life.

Sadly, just a few days ago on August 12th we lost our amazing loving huge Broder Collie Lab German Shepherd dog “Punch” to Cancer, we are again broken hearted.  Although we question if we are ready to open our hearts kennel online that I would go to or trust,  up to another pup we know we will, and Earl deserves a brother or Sister.  When I heard Baby barks might not operate I was desperate, to find another kennel that would come close to Baby Barks and all I could find was Kijiji ads, I will not ever go to those ads again, my heart will break seeing malnutrition and abuse at other kennels who do not love their dogs or care for them. I need to trust and know the breeder like I trust and know Karen Miller of Baby Barks, there was not one kennel I could find and I am scared, I don’t know where I would go as my standards are so high from knowing Baby Barks and Karen.  

I thought of adopting a rescue and they are all large dogs, and I cannot and will not. I have a special needs daughter and a grandbaby and I need to know where the dog came from, raised by and trust. Frankly, there is no one out there like Baby Barks and Karen Miller and her team.  -  Karen P


He is growing up so fast, and has already mastered the art of fetch, as well as sit and lay down. He is currently learning to ring bells to let everyone know he needs to go outside. Thank you for helping us complete our family! Courtney M. (March 2022)


We want to Thank You for such a Wonderful Puppy, we got almost 2 years ago.  What a Joy ….. And so well behaved!   Terry C. (March 2022)


I just wanted to say thank you again for allowing me to add Loki to our family. He is an absolute gem, and has fit in so well with my other dogs. He has almost become a therapy-pup for my hound mix that I rescued a couple years back. She's always had high anxiety, but having Loki around she has just flourished and taken on a mom/pack-leader roll with him. Turns out he was just what our pack needed!  His training is going well, was 100% pad trained when he arrived which was amazing (thank you for devoting such time to your puppies - it really shows  Thank you again for producing such wonderful dogs!  Julia R. (Feb 2022)


He provides us with hours of entertainment!  He graduated from his obedience with the comments "He is the best trained small dog they have ever had come out of the classes!"  Lori & Doug S. (Feb 2022)


We are completely in love with him and we are amazed at how smart he is!  His personality is so lovable, we can already tell he’s eager to please and will be so much fun watching him grow.  Thank you for the amazing job you all do.  Your work, your facility and dedication are a testament to the quality of pups that are produced.  Shawna & Darren M. (Jan 2022)

Just wanted to send a picture and give you an update on our puppy LUCA - he is a mischievous little cuddle bug and he has stolen this family’s heart…he’s doing amazing!!!  Jelena H. (Jan 2022)


She truly was meant for us.  I just want to thank you!  We love Sassy so much and has brought nothing but joy back into our lives.  Sarah L. (Jan 2022)


Thank you for all you do bringing these amazing pups in to the world.  He is the first dog I’ve ever had, and such a good tempered boy (especially with 3 kids chasing him around).  Thank you!   Tara P. (Dec 2021)


Sophie is doing well and has a big personality.  She is very sweet and very comical….she makes us laugh all the time!  Thank you!  Christina M. (Dec 2021)


We just wanted to say a big thank you for our sweet little family member Bear (formerly Bon Bon).  He is doing fantastic and quickly came into our house and captured our hearts.  My boys are over the moon in love with him!  Ginger & Neil D. (Dec 2021)


Thanks to your wonderful dog parents as we had our best fur baby in our lives. Happy Holidays. Elena P. (Dec 2021)


Tufa (Kola) has settled in beautifully. Kola is super playful and LOVES being with people. Thank you for the amazing resources and guides on the website.  With them, we can train her with confidence.  Karen P. (Nov 2021)


Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy, and all your attention to detail!  Cory C. (Nov 2021)


Emma is now 17 months old, just over 8 lbs, very cheeky, funny and loves everyone. She is the love of my life!!  Regards, Shirley S. (Nov 2021)


He’s been an amazing addition to our family and is beloved by all! He has a wonderful personality and is truly loved by anyone who meets him. Thank you Baby Barks!   Tammie C. (Oct 2021)


Thank you so much for this sweet puppy. If we decide to add another fluffy friend to our family, Baby Barks will be our first stop.  All the best, Cristina L. (Oct 2021)


We think she is just the very best dog, and are so grateful she is part of our family. Thank you for all your work that goes into getting these little puppies to their forever homes… we can’t even imagine life without her now!  You really do have the very best dogs!  All the best to everyone there,  Christine M (July 2021) 


We love our baby barks pup so much and are so grateful for what you do. Warm wishes, Caileigh L. (May 2021)


They are the best of buds and still sleeping together since day one! I hope all is well with you and we still enjoy to see all the beautiful new puppies. We have gotten so many comments about our two, and pass your name on every chance we get. Enjoy the Spring!   Janice R. (April 2021)


He is playful, outgoing, curious, ... all the things one would want in a healthy puppy.  I think how well Gizmo has adjusted speaks volume about your breeding program and how you operate your business. All TOP NOTCH. Thanks again!   Cece A (Feb 2021)


I just wanted to send a big thank you for delivering Kauai to us today, and choosing us to be her fur-ever family. We are so in love with her!   I’ll be sure to stay in touch and send updates along the way. Thank you again for making our dream come true!   Vicky & Dave M (Nov 2020)

When I was looking for a puppy, I looked at many options and performed site visits at several places. I finally came across Baby Barks and I went to evaluate their operation  before committing to buying a puppy from them. I was so impressed by how clean and well kept their facility was. Karen is very thorough with running an A-1 dog breeding business.  When it came time to adopt a second puppy, I didn't hesitate for one minute in getting him from Karen Miller and Baby Barks. Our puppies are the best we could ever ask for.  They are well adjusted, healthy and so loving.  The Baby Bark facility is the best of the best.  When I get my next puppy in the future, I will definitely go back to Karen Miller and Baby Barks because I know the exceptional quality of the puppies and the excellent service she provides.  Wendy F 


Thanks again for your role in bringing Phoebe into our lives and for all the great information you have provided. We still look back to the website when we have questions and have recommended Baby Barks to many others!   Kind regards, Barb & Bernard (Oct 2020)


I just wanted to send you a few pics of Miso (born May 22, 2019 to Leeloo and Zephyr). She has been the perfect addition to our family and we love her dearly! Over the last year we have enjoyed watching her grow into a smart, beautiful, affectionate fur-princess (all 9 1/2 pounds of her)! We are especially thankful for the joy she brings during these unsettling times. Thank you Karen for all you do in breeding such beautiful puppies.   Kari G. (May 2020)

Thank you so very much for spending extra time with Smitten and Cupid, not to mention taking the extra time to communicate with us here.  We appreciate this more than you know, and it’s a testament to how much you love your puppies and want only the very best for them.  I can assure you that we want the very same and will stay in touch with photos and notes to let you know how they’re settling in!  I really just cannot express how much joy and love and fun this puppy has given our entire family.  You truly do breed excellence in every single way.  Glenda M.  (Mar 2020)

Thank you so much for our first visit to see Ladybug. We were very much in awe of you, your facilities, and the time you spend with those little ones. We can see why you try and place your dogs with the perfect family.  So much love and energy you put into each and every puppy.   Cliff & Darlene D. (Jan 2020)

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We love hearing from our families!

It makes our day to hear from families.  Getting update photos, questions or hearing about life with a BabyBarks pup is wonderful, indeed!

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