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Caper's Puppies

Considering me for stud service?

Puppy birth weight: small (65grams) to normal (170 grams) 

Color genetics I can contribute: Apricot to red in solid or patch

Parent's info: Mom - solid, unfading red / 11lbs

                         Dad - iron grey patch / 9 lbs

We're loving what Caper is giving us!  Caper's puppies have his sweet short to medium nose length, gorgeous coat and flashy markings.  Caper has the genetics to produce apricot and potentially red puppies.  Any tricolour puppies produced by him were the result of the mother's genetics. Did we mention that his sweet, zesty and fun personality get stamped on his offspring?  And to top it off, Caper's puppies have been on the small to normal side, meaning he is a safe choice to sire puppies with females smaller than himself!  We love you, Caper!  Keep up the great work!

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