and Sherlock

Adoption Date:

Oct 9

Name Theme:

Adventurous Australia



Female - Tricolor

Sweet, fun and playful.  I'll entertain you with my antics and sweet little face!  I'll likely keep my color through adulthood.  I'll have a medium nose length and likely weigh 10-12lbs at maturity.  I have a lovely bit of wave to my coat.

Congratulations Donna S.!


Female - Tricolor

I'm a lovely and playful little girl who has a color change in store.  My black areas will most likely be turning silver.  Exciting!  I have a straight coat that will likely gain a little wave with age.  I'll have a medium nose length and weigh 9-11 pounds as an adult.

Congratulations Kelcey M!


Female - Tricolor.


Tiny cutie alert!  I'm extra small with a whole lot of zip and zest. I might be tiny, but I'm the fastest puppy in the litter!  Blink and I'll be somewhere new! And yes, I do like to stick out my tongue a bit... likely because I know how cute it makes me look.  Because of my small size, I'll thrive best in a families with no children, or children over 10.  My color looks like it will stay true through life and I'll likely weigh 7-9 pounds as an adult.



Female - Apricot

Retained as a future mom.

Currently retained for BabyBarks as a potential mom.  Sydney is not available at this time.  



Male - Tricolor


Congratulations Sam & Brooke!

I'm a dashing boy who lives to play and enjoy new toys.  I have a straight and silky coat which may gain a little wave.  I have a color change in store and the black in my coat will likely become silver.  I'll be one handsome boy!  I'll likely have a medium nose length and weigh 10-12lbs.


Male - Apricot

I'm a perfectly sweet little lad.  I'm petite in size and lovely in color.  What's not to like!  I'll likely mature in the 7-9pound range. I'll lose my black tipping and be medium to light apricot.  I have a silky straight coat that may gain a little wave with age.  Because of my tiny size, I'd thrive best in a family with children over 10, please.

.Congratulations Gloria & Adrian!


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