Canada Shichon


& Pebble's Litter

Adoption Date:

July 11



Female - Tricolor

I'm a sweet and playful little girl.  I love to meet new people. I'll likely weigh 14-18lbs as an adult.  I have a full, wavy coat.  I'll likely have. a medium to long nose length.  Believe it or not, my mom was born with only few white spots and developed Dalmatian-like spotting though the white on her coat which is unique and awesome.  It looks like I may get some of this Dalmation spotting as well. 

Congratulations Faye & John!


Male - Apricot patch

I'm a sweet and playful little boy. I have a silky coat that will lighten a bit to be a medium apricot. Right not it is silky straight, but it may develop a bit of wave. I'll likely weigh  13-16lbs at maturity and have a medium nose length.

Congratulations Praveen!


Male - Black and white

I'm a people loving, playful boy!  I see what I want, which is usually you, I'm really excited about it!  Because I feel so passionately, I do a lot of crying and verbalizing to tell you that I'm sad we can't be together.  Some of that will go away with maturity and training, but my new family needs to be aware that I am a little "needier" in nature.  I'm the biggest boy of the litter and will likely weigh 15-20lbs at maturity.  I have my mom's unique coat and the white you see on me will become freckled with polka-dots!  Really unique!  I'll have a medium to long nose and a wavy coat.

Congratulations Candace!


Male - Apricot Patch

I'm a sweet boy who enjoys playing with my pals and I does love people! I'm a bit more shy in nature than some of my siblings and need a few more minutes to adjust to new things. I'll have a medium nose length and the color in my coat will light to be light to medium apricot. I'll likely weigh 13-16lbs at maturity.

Congratulations Paula B!


Male - Tricolor

Don't let my nervous expression fool you!  I'm a ton of fun and do have confidence in play.  But we aren't all made to be camera loving super models, are we?!  Just like my mom and a few of my siblings, I'll have some major black spotting through my currently white zones and look a lot like a dalamtion.  I'll likely weigh 14-17 pounds as an adult and I'll have a medium to long nose.  


Congratulations Holly!


Male - Tricolor

I'm a handsome boy who is a ton of fun with my zesty play and people loving traits.  I have a silky coat that is full and fluffy, like my litter matures.  I'll likely weigh 14-16lbs at maturity and have a medium nose length. It also looks like I'll have some freckling of color through my white patches.

Congratulations Karen S.!


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