Our Kennel

Is it is a house?  A Spa? A dog resort?  

We're not sure, but the dogs really love it!

Located on 16 fully fenced acres, our dogs are able to enjoy off leash walks.

Our facility includes almost 3000 sq ft of dog used and enjoyed indoor space.  
Featuring multiple skylights, lots of windows and infloor heating, our pooches are pretty comfortable!


Momma dogs give birth at our house so we can assist them with their every need.  They spend the first couple weeks with their newborns in our living room, where we can monitor the puppies for growth, help them nurse and give moms frequent potty breaks.



As puppies age, they transition onto large paper filled "tables" at the kennel.  These allow us to clean thoroughly through the day and encourage puppies' natural instinct to move further and further from their bed and food to do their potty business.  Mom initiates the weaning and spends increasing time with her own friends and the puppies gain independence.

Both puppies and our adult dogs are bathed and trimmed in our grooming room.  We ask the dogs to stand patiently in the sink as we give them their warm baths and start this training process with the puppies before they head home.

The puppies gain indépendance, practicing having play time in new locations, with new friends and new toys!  All part of puppy play school!   Families come and visit their puppies (if COVID restricitons allow) when the puppies are 6-7 weeks of age and sit in this very spot to meet their new friend.


Our dogs enjoy outdoor access, anytime they feel like it from around 7:30am to 10pm.  We have multiple doggie doors, 10 huge grass yards for them to run and play in and a spacious covered dog run incase the weather is such that they'd prefer to "do their business" under a roof. With lots of toys, bones, space for romping and canine friends, there's no room for boredom!  
We are blessed to have amazing staff members who join our family in providing the dogs with loving and thorough care every day.  Giving our dogs fun filled, loving and stimulating lives in a  clean and enjoyable space is our top priority! 

Thank you for choosing us for your future fur-family member!  We hoped you enjoy little more "behind the scenes" information!