Chewie's Puppies

Considering me for stud service?

Puppy birth weight: small (65grams) to normal (170 grams) 

Color genetics I can contribute: Apricot in solid or patch

Parent's info: Mom - medium apricot / 11lbs

                         Dad - iron grey patch / 9 lbs

Chewie is such a sweet and happy boy! We have been so happy with the puppies he has produced.  He possesses a "small puppy gene" which means he frequently produces puppies that will mature at 7-9lbs as adults, despite weighing more that that himself.  This also makes him a super safe choice for a smaller female.  The colours and patterns have been beautiful with the apricot gene coming from Chewie. Any tricolour puppies produced have come from the mother's genetics.  His puppy's personalities are to die for.  We are so happy with how his happy go-lucky temperament has been stamped on his little ones.  He's just the sweetest boy.