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Stewart's Puppies

Considering me for stud service?

Puppy birth weight: medium (130grams) to large (220 grams) 

Color genetics I can contribute: Apricot, red and tricolour

Parent's info: Mom - unfading red patch / 12lbs

                         Dad - solid tricolour / 13 lbs

Stewart's claim to fame is his rich red coat.  We're so excited to see that passing on.  He also carries the gene for producing pups in a range of apricot and tricolour (black, gold and white).  He seems to produce quite a few puppies that are Mini-me" with solid colors in tones ranging from light apricot through red.  And there is so much more to him than that.  Stewart is so personable and people focused and so far his puppies are as delightful as he!  We can't wait to see what else he produces in the future!

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