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Hello Lynne and Terry!  

It's easier to post the videos here than try to send them giving the large file sizes.  

The first video is Sugar (Caramel x Watson). She is the SOLID apricot puppy with short white socks. She'll likely be 10-12lbs.  She's SWEET, gentle, quiet natured, slightly timid and VERY cuddly.  She's the perfect dog for someone who wants something lower key and snuggly.

This is Dion and Drummer. 

Dion (Jessie x Elvis) is the solid red brindle.  She is adventurous, fun loving, opinionated and full of personality. She will use her voice to get what she wants so we have used the squirt bottle to remind her that she doesn't always need to share!  Ha!  I'd say she's more independent as opposed to a real lap snuggler. She's quite confident and will provide a lot of entertainment.

Drummer (Minstrel x Rustle).  She is a tricolour with a cool bit of blue in her one eye.  She will be gold and iron grey with white marking as she gets older.  10-12lbs.  She does seem like the alpha over Dion and is a playful and fun loving girl.  Both parents are smugglers... so while she's very playful and adventurous, I'd think she'd be open to snuggles in her future too.  She's energetic but actually quite easy to deal with in terms of grooming or other activities.  So she's a lovely girl.

Both Dion and Dancer are about 14 weeks old (so almost completed their immunizations), using the doggie door to go outside and have been doing 2 hours stretches of kennel training at a time.  Dancer gets lonely if kennelled alone but doesn't mind the experience when kennelled with a friend.

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