Stud Service Info

Thank you so much for your interest in our papa dogs!

We are so pleased to have such wonderful male dogs producing puppies and we are honored that you would consider them as a match for your female!  All of our boys have produced healthy puppies with good sized litters and they each have a unique set of traits that may help you pick the perfect match for your female.  

When is stud service available?

We are able to offer an extremely wide range of dates.  Obviously, from time to time we need to go on a vacation of our own and during these time periods we will not be able to offer outside stud service as I want to be sure your dog gets my personalized attention and breeding experience.  Because of this, you'd be wise to cultivate options elsewhere incase the timing does not work out, but generally we can accommodate your needs.

When should we be notified about a serious request for stud service?

It's always good to chat interested families in advance of your needs.  That way we can determine if our boys are a good fit for your needs or if we can accommodate your request.  If that initial contact goes well, we need to know as soon as you notice even a hint of blood from your female.  Please send an email through the website, or if you have our phone number please text.  DO let us know that your female is now in heat.  We would typically like her to arrive on day 8-9 after that first notice of blood.  If you aren't sure if you've missed the first few days of her heat cycle, please let us know.

Can you use any male you'd like for stud service?

Our own females will get preference for our males.  So if we have a female (or multiple girls!) in heat, you will be able to select your stud from those not in currently in use.  We'd suggest that you think through your breeding goals and your female's strengths and weakness so the best match can be found.  Things such as bite (level, overbite or underbite), back length, coat type, leg straightness, tearing, temperament and size are all important factors.  Please look over our boys carefully.  You'll find lots of info on each, including past litter pictures on the "boys" page.  When you come to drop off your female, we will introduce you to the male dogs you are considering so that you can look at them in person and make a final choice.

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How does this work?

Guest females typically arrive on day 8-9 of their heat cycle.  We get them settled in their private pen with its own doggie door and covered outdoor potty space.  If you'd like your dog walked daily, we are happy to accommodate that.  She will be kennelled at night time and we'd be happy to feel the food you bring her from home.  You'd be more than welcome to bring your own kennel and bedding if you feel this will be comforting to her. The day she arrives, we'll introduce her to your selected stud.  If she indicates that she is interested in breeding that day, wonderful!  If she isn't interested, no problem, we will give her the option each day until she's ready.  We find most dogs breed on day 10-12 but it's worth bringing them a little early so that they'll be relaxed with us, the boys and the process in general.  If she never accepts the stud (which is extremely rare), you will not be charged stud service but you will be charged $20/day for board while she's with us.  There is no boarding fee if your female does accept a male during her stay and thus far, we haven't had a female leave without success.  Once the pair begin breeding, she will be offered this opportunity every other day, for 5 breedings (10 days).  If she or the male indicate they are done before 5 breedings have been completed, that's just fine and we'll quit there.  We follow the dog's cues. So typically your female will be with us anywhere from 10 days to just over two weeks, depending on her timing.  Following the completion of the breedings, you'll be contacted and you'd need to pick her up within 24 hours.  If you chose not to pick her up promptly, additional days will charge at $20/day on top of your stud fee.  

We're so sorry, but we can't accomodate "same day" breedings.  This means you can't bring your dog, wait to have her bred and take her home that same day.  Some of our boys have better "aim" than others and a successful breeding can take an eager pair several attempts.  It's too much pressure to have a family waiting and hoping that a single breeding attempt is going to work. Sometimes I might give a pair the chance to breed 4x in a day and have only one successful tie in that time period... so it's not something to wait on but sometimes something that takes an entire day of effort!


Stud Service Fee:

The stud service cost is a single puppy from the resulting litter.  If we feel your female would be a good match for our breeding program, the stud service fee may be first pick of the puppies produced.  Your stud service includes a 2 live puppy guarantee.  Of course, the majority of litters are 4-7 pups, so it's likely you'll get far more than the 2 pup minimum. But if you don't get a minimum of two puppies, you'll be offered a repeat breeding at no cost, but you will charged board over the breeding period. We would need your vet's proof if a missed pregnancy occurred. Your stud service also includes any assistance and info you need as you whelp out your litter.  So if you need info on supplies, skills or puppy raising, we'd be honoured to help.

Health requirements:

We do require that all guest females are up to date on their immunizations.  This includes a bordatella shot within 6 months of her stay.  We do require proof of these immunizations from your vet.  She'll also need to be dewormed within two weeks of arrival.  We'd suggest getting a deworming tablet and keeping it on-hand for when she starts to cycle.  This is partially for our safety, but it's primarily for your puppies' sake as "cleaning out" the female before breeding results in a lower parasite load in your puppies.  A fully immunized dog also passes that immunity onto her puppies through her colostrum (first milk) and this will protect them from disease for the first 5-16 weeks of life.  If a female has been bred to other males than our own in the past, we may require a screening test done by your vet for brucellosis as this would cause sterility in all of our males and females as it is highly contagious.   The cost of this would be reimbursed to you once payment for your stud service is made.  We also reserve the right to decline any female that we feel is not suited to the motherhood role based on age, conformation or temperament.