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Health requirements:

We do require that all guest females are up to date on their immunizations.  This includes a bordatella shot within 6 months of her stay.  We do require proof of these immunizations from your vet.  She'll also need to be dewormed within two weeks of arrival.  We'd suggest getting a deworming tablet and keeping it on-hand for when she starts to cycle.  This is partially for our safety, but it's primarily for your puppies' sake as "cleaning out" the female before breeding results in a lower parasite load in your puppies.  A fully immunized dog also passes that immunity onto her puppies through her colostrum (first milk) and this will protect them from disease for the first 5-16 weeks of life.  If a female has been bred to other males than our own in the past, we may require a screening test done by your vet for brucellosis as this would cause sterility in all of our males and females as it is highly contagious.   The cost of this would be reimbursed to you once payment for your stud service is made.  We also reserve the right to decline any female that we feel is not suited to the motherhood role based on age, conformation or temperament.

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