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Bichon Shih Tzu


3 years old

Potty trained

Leash trained

Kennel trained


Hi!  My name is Mya!  

I'm three years old, 12 pounds, and utterly love people, walks and playing with my pals.  I'm being offered for adoption with bittersweet feelings.  I'm so excited to head off and enjoy a forever family but I know there will be lots of tears shed as I leave, because I am so loved at BabyBarks.  I'm a bit nervous about my new adventure but now that I am done with the passion of my life, my sweet puppies, it's time for me to become that awesome family member that I am so ready to be.  Is it you?!

What kind of training do I have?

I've had some great life experiences so far that should make me an easy addition to your home. I'm comfortable with car travel and have even done some fun camping trips.  I'm great on the leash and off the leash and come to my name (unless I see something I'm insanely passionate about!).  I'm up to date on my Parvo immunizations and de-wormings.  I'm kennel trained and happy to sleep overnight in a kennel or for short durations if you need me safe and secure in the daytime.  I'm trained not to race through doors unless you invite me and I know how to sit on command.  I can sit, like a good girl on a couch or a doggie bed without being destructive but I am used to supervision with random household items.  I'm doggie door trained and best of all... I'm potty trained!  This is a rarity amoung BabyBarks offerings as most dogs are only doggie door trained, but I've had a lot of time and effort put into me!  I'll still need a refresher and please restrict my space for the first little while to get me use to the routine in your house, but I will likely adjust quite easily.  I've experienced the whole range of house life and kennel life and I look forward to new adventures.


How would I describe my temperament?

I'm in love with people.  I hope they take me everywhere as I'm an amazing adventure buddy!  I'd love to sit with you on the couch and I'd love for you to take me on some good walks as well!  I am the kind of girl who would love to be a walking buddy, so if you want an exercise dog, please consider me! I've had yard access my whole life, so I will need a yard of my own and wouldn't be suitable for apartment life.  I also really enjoy my dog friends and have had constant canine companionship.. Because of that, BabyBarks will give preference to families inquiring who have existing dogs.  I have a busy mind that is full of curiosity and attentiveness.  I would love a home where I can experience all of life to the full!

How am I with other dogs or kids?

I love other dogs!  I love to play or just lay on the dog pile and get some sleep. I am capable of putting a younger or annoying dog in their place, but I'm fair about it and have an appropriate response.  I do enjoy kids!  But since I haven't been raised with young children, I'd prefer kids ages 10 and above who understand that I don't want to be hauled around and pickup up and carried for their enjoyment.  

Am I spayed?

I have not yet been spayed. I had a litter recently and I'll need another month to recover before that is considered. I'll be adopted out with a "spay" contract and the understanding that I shouldn't be bred. 


Do I have any health concerns?

No.  I'm a healthy girl!  I'm good for baths, grooming, immunizations and I'm not a picky eater.    

Do I have any bad habits?  

When new people stop by, I will alarm bark to let everyone know what I've seen but I do stop on request.  Other than that, I don't have any issues,  but each family presents it's own opportunities for poor behaviour.  So it really depends on what you tempt me with.So far I have been carefully supervised so there is only so much trouble I can get into. Just like any dog, if you start to see me doing something you don't like, please assume I didn't know and take the time to loving educate me and enforce that that behaviour was a "no". 

What will I need to work on?  

Any dog transitioning to a new home needs patience and time to settle in.  30-90 days is a likely time period before you see that dog fully relax and give full enjoyment to their new setting.  In the meantime, certain activities can hold some surprises if they haven't experienced something similar with us.  One thing I haven't experienced a lot of is traffic.  So walking me beside roads with a lot of cars buzzing around is bound to surprise me.  In addition, although I'm walked daily at BabyBarks, we don't get approached by strangers on those walks.  So something as simple as a new person approaching in an unexpected context can result in surprise. I'll also need some structure to achieve my full potty training success in your home.  Treat me as you would a younger dog, using my kennel training to your advantage and keep me restricted to a single room (when not supervised) until you see that I have given you the results you are looking for.  I have the skills, but the new setting may throw off my ability to translate them properly.

Who would be my dream family?  

I'd love to have my own yard and would enjoy a family who likes to take long daily walks and give me lots of cuddles!  I'm a sweet and loving lady and any family will feel I'm a delightful addition.

A word from BabyBarks: Mya is one of our family members. We do care about where each of our dogs head off to, but there is a special anxiety reserved for our more mature dogs who we have invested so much time and love in.  We are attached to Mya and will be looking for that perfect family for her, so please don't be offended if we think you aren't quite the right match.  If you do think you fit the bill, please apply!  We'd love to share this sweetheart with you.  She will be offered under the expectation that she be returned to us and not transitioned elsewhere if you are unable to keep her long-term.  Her pricing is $1500.

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Chino (left)

Mya's Dad

Mari (right)

Mya's Mom

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