11 months old




I'm a gorgeous girl with a dreamy teddy bear curl to my coat.  

Want a living stuffed animal with fluff and softness to enjoy?  That's me!!!  

​I'm a silly and playful mix of bouncy, people passion, snuggle love, shyness and party.  I love my humans and can be shy of strangers.  Once we get to know each other I warm right up and do a fun loving party dance.  I'm difficult to photograph as I bounce like tigger when I'm excited! I'm going to add a ton of fun to whoever decides to add me to their life.

I'd do best in a family of teenagers and older. I have a longer nose length, am about 11lb (and I'm fully grown) and will keep my coloring through life.  I sleep quietly in my kennel every night from 9pm to 7:30am, am doggie door trained, fully immunized and started on my leash training.  If you want a pal who has the fun of a puppy but is easier to train because of maturing and having my basics down pat, that's certainly me!

     Dad: Caper (right) Mom: Prairie (left)

Canada Shichon


1 year old


Congratulations Victoria W.!

Aren't I beautiful!  I have color to die for with a lovely medium nose length and a petite build.  I'm a playful, fun and sweet natured girl.  I crave attention and can't wait for my human friends to connect with me.  

I weigh about 9-10 lbs, have a soft and silky coat. I'm kennel trained and sleep well through the night from 9 - 7:30.  

I consistently use the doggie door to do my business outside. I have completed my needed immunizations and would be the perfect pal to join your life!  I'd do best with gentle children 10 and older.

     Dad: Sherlock (right) Mom: Minnie (left)



4.5 months old


Congratulations Michelle & Vindu!

I'm one flashy girl and I was reserved since birth as a future mom because I'm incredibly gorgeous with perfect markings and such flashy coloring.  BabyBarks is disappointed that I'm maturing too small for that role but that's exciting news for my new family!  I'm still growing but I'm likely to weigh 8-10lbs as an adult.

 I'm sweet natured, fun loving and a general joy to be around.  I'm more "play" than "cuddle" but as I age I'm sure to enjoy some snuggles.

I'm kennel trained and sleep well through the night from 9 - 7:30, which is pretty impressive for a puppy of my age.  

I consistently use the doggie door to do my business outside. I have completed my needed first immunization series and I'm ready to join you for walks and whatever adventures you're planning.  I'd do best with gentle children 10 and older because of my smaller size.

     Dad: Chewie (right) Mom: Whisper (left)

Shichon Stud



What is the advantage of a mature puppy?

I can't begin to say how many families have asked us to keep their puppy for an extra month or two and complete some extra training with them and this isn't something that we typically have the time or space to offer! That makes these puppies extra special and rare!  Not only have they completed all of their age appropriate vaccinations ($300+ value), they have had daily focused time put in to teach them to use the doggie door and do their "business" outside.  They've also had daily practice relaxing and waiting patiently in a kennel.  While not every family has a doggie door, the skill of eliminating outside makes regular potty training that much easier because your puppy already has the desire to head outside and do their "job".  These puppies have extra handling, a longer socialization period with other dogs and bath and grooming practice.  Does this mean that these puppies are perfectly behaved?  FAR from it!  They are still puppies with so much to learn but they are of the age that they'll pick it up quickly from a motivated and focused family.  We're excited to see who decides to add one of these well started puppies to their life!