Stewart and


Adoption Date:

Oct 15 & 16

Name Theme: Memorable Cookies!



Female - Tricolor


I'm a darling little girl who is passionate about playtime and fun toys.  I have a fun color change in store as my black changes to silver and my face and legs turn to a golden hue.  I'll have a silky straight coat that may gain a bit of wave and I'll have a medium nose length.  I'll likely weight 10-12lbs as an adult.



Female - Apricot

How cute am I?  I'm a lovely little gal who enjoys playing with my siblings and making a new friend.  I have a silky smooth coat that may get a bit of wave with maturity.  I'll lose my black tipping and lighten in color to be a light apricot as an adult.  See the color directly around my eyes?  That gives you a hint!  I'll have a short to medium nose length and most likely weigh 8-10lbs.

Congratulations Jessica M.!


Female -Tricolor

I'm a gorgeous and petite little lady!  I have lots of zest and confidence, but I would thrive best in a family without children under 10 due to my tiny size.  I'll likely weigh 4-7lbs as an adult and have a medium nose length.  I have a silky straight coat that may gain a touch of wave and I look like I'll keep my flashy colors as an adult!  I have my grandpa's coat color!

Congratulations Jessica M.!


Female - Tricolor


I'm in for a color change!  It's incredible to think that I will likely be anywhere from silver to white as an adult.  So I'm a perfect girl for families who find transformation exciting!  I love to play and I have zip and zest.  Although I am doing something a little funny with my ears in this picture, not to worry!  They do hang naturally, much like my brother and sister's.  I'll have a medium nose length and a straight to wavy coat.  I'll likely weigh 9-11lbs as an adult.



Male - Tricolor

Cutie Patoote!  That's me!  My a dashing and debonaire little fellow with a coat that is memorable!  I have a silky straight coat and will likely have a medium nose length.  I'll likely weigh 8-10 pounds an adult and the black in my coat may change to silver with maturity.

Congratulations Danielle K.!


Male - Apricot

Tiny and sweet, I'm looking forward to cheering the world with my happy play and snuggles.  I'm going to get lighter maturity as my black tipping fades away.  My mature color will likely be a light apricot (gold).  I'll weigh 8-10lbs as an adult and have a medium nose length.

Congratulations Marie M.!


Male - Apricot Patch

Hi there!  I can't wait to meet you and give you some happy wags and baby kisses.  I'm a sleek coated, handsome little man!  I have a lovely straight and silky coat that will get a little lighter with maturity.  You can see the final color that I'm changing to in the ring around my eyes.  I'll likely have a medium nose length and weigh 10-13lbs as an adult.

Congratulations Allison C.!

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