Bichon Shih Tzu

Kiwi and Fleur

Adoption Date:

July 19



Female - Tricolor


I'm a lovely little lady who is fun, sweet and excited about people. I have a color change in store, as do most of my litter mates.  See that color around my eyes? That's where I'm headed.  It's hard to predict my exact hue, but I'll likely be iron grey with gold highlights on my cheeks, over my eyes on under my tail.  So I need a family who is excited to see who I'll become!  I'll likely weigh 8-10lbs at maturity and I'll have a bit of wave to my coat.  I'll have a medium nose length. 

I'm extra tiny, so I'm reserved for families with children older than 10 years old.

Congratulations Susan & Rocky!


Female - Tricolor


I'm a zesty gal who can't wait to party and meet new friends!  I'm a sweet heart!  I have a color change in store. Most likely, the black in my coat will lighten to grey and I'll have tan coloring over my head, on my cheeks and under my tail.  I'm the smallest puppy of the litter and likely to weigh 7-9lbs.  No families with children under 10 please!  I'll likely have a medium nose length and a bit of wave to my coat.

Congratulations Joan G.!


Female - Apricot


I'm a sweet and fun girl who loves new friends and can't wait to meet you!  My color will continue to lighten and I will be a light apricot, verging on white.  I'll likely weigh 10-12lbs at maturity and I'll have a bit of wave to my coat.  My nose length will be medium to long.

Congratulations Brayden & Family!


Female - Tricolor


I'm fun loving and confident with people passion to spare.  I'm a rarity in my litter in that it looks like my color will stay true as I get older.  I will develop a little wave to my coat and likely weigh 9-12 lbs.  I'll have a long nose length.

Congratulations Kiri R.


Male - Apricot to white


I'm handsome and vibrant fellow. I love to play and I love to meet new pooches and people.  I'm going to lose my black tipping and become a very light apricot to white with maturity.  I'll have a medium nose length and likely weigh 11-13lbs as an adult.

Congratulations Roland B.!


Male - Tricolor


Get ready for a transformation!  I can't wait to wow you as my black coat disappears and lightens.  I'll be anywhere from light grey to white.  Only time will tell just how far my color change will take me, but I'll be perfect for a family who likes a surprise!  I will likely weigh 10-12lbs as an adult and have a medium to long nose.  I'm sweet, playful and have a lovely confidence.

Congratulations Danica!


Male - Apricot Patch


I'm a happy, friendly and lovable boy.  Let's be honest, all of my siblings could be described in these terms!  I have a color change coming up as my coat lightens to be a light apricot to white.  I'll likely weigh 10-12lbs at maturity and I'll have a medium nose length.  I can't wait to meet you!

Congratulations Carolyn V.!

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