Canada Shichon


& Maggie's Litter

Adoption Date:

July 3 & 4




 Light Apricot to White

I'm a sweet natured, confident, playful girl.  I love a good time and I know how to party.  My color will change as my black tipping fades away and I almost become white.  Exciting!  I'll weigh 10-13lbs at maturity and have a straight to slightly wavy coat.  My nose length will be medium to long.

Congratulations Alyssa!


Female -Apricot Patch

How sweet am I?  Cute, loving, playful. I'm a busy soul who can't wait to show you my fancy moves! I have a whole lot of love to give and I can't wait to give you some fun!  The color portions of my coat will lighten to medium apricot.  My coat may stay straight or gain a slight wave and I'm likely weigh 11-13lbs at maturity and have a medium nose length.

Congratulations Arun & Saranya !


Female - Black and White

I'm a cute little lady with a love of people and play time.  I have a bit of sass and can't wait to party (and occasionally boss my siblings!).  My coloring should stay true through life and I may gain some additional black spotting through my coat.  I'll likely weigh 10-12 lbs at maturity and have a medium nose length.

Congratulations Ursula!


Male - Black and White

I'm a playful, loving and sweet natured boy.  I seem to have a good degree of confidence and I love to party with my pals.  I'll likely weigh 11-14lbs at maturity and I may gain some additional black speckles through my coat but otherwise my color will stay true through maturity   My nose length will be medium.

Congratulations Barbara B.!


Male - Apricot White

I'm a fun loving little man who love to party with my pals and meet new people.  I'm confident, sweet and can't wait to meet you.  I'll lighten in color to be a medium apricot. I'll likely weigh 11-14 pounds at maturity and I'll have a medium nose length.


Congratulations Caileigh!



Male - Tricolor

I'm perfectly cute.  It can't be denied.  And just like my siblings, I love to play, am passionate about people and really enjoy toys!  I have a straight coat that may get a bit of wavy with maturity.  My nose length will likely be medium and my color will stay true through maturity.  I'll likely weigh 11-13 pounds as an adult.

Congratulations Tom!


Male - Apricot Patch

I'm a sweet and sassy boy who can't wait to show my friends my fancy moves!  I love to play and wrestle and I look so cute while doing it!  I'll mature to be a light apricot and likely weigh 11-13 pounds.  I'll have a medium nose length.

Congratulations Wayne!



Male - Tricolor

You aren't imaging things, I have some cool coloring in my left eye!  Just a bit of blue to give me some pizzazz and yes, it should stay through maturity. I'm a sweet and fun loving little man.  I love people and my puppy pals.  I have a straight coat that may gain a little wave and I'll likely weigh 11-13lbs at maturity.  My nose length will be medium to long.

Congratulations Shereane!



Male - Tricolor

I'm a loving little man who can't wait to meet human friends and party with my litter.  My color should stay true through life and I may gain some black freckling through my coat. I do have a black pattern on my back that you can't see in this image.  Not a lot, but some additional flare! My nose length will be long, like my mom.  I'm the biggest puppy of the litter and will likely mature in the 12-15 pound range. 

Congratulations Jason and family!

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