Canada Shichon




Adoption Date:

April 10

Name Theme:

US States

(hoping we can visit there again soon!)



Male - White or light apricot

I'm a sweet natured, handsome fellow who loves to play and romp with my buddies.  I'd love to meet new people, too.  I'll have quite a color change as my black tipping fades away.  There is a good chance I'll be white and maybe keep a little bit of black tipping on my ears, like my mom.  My coat is quite straight currently but I'll likely gain a bit of wave.  I'm a big boy and will likely mature in the 16-21 pound range.  I'll have a long nose length, like my mom.

Congratulations Heather R.!


Male -Tricolor

I'm a flashy and fun boy who enjoys playing with my friends and watching for my humans.  I have a longer nose lenght, like my mom and a soft wavy coat that looks like it will keep it's color.  I'm a bigger boy and will likely mature in the 16-21 pound range.  

Congratulations Jo-Ann B.!


Male - Apricot

Handsome and fun loving.  What could be better!  I'm a people loving soul who knows how to party.  My black tipping will fade away leaving a light apricot coat underneath. I have lovely soft curls.  I'll have a long nose length like my mom and likely weigh 16-21 pounds. 

Congratulations Aimee!


 Female -  Black and white

I'm the smallest puppy of the litter and I make up for it with my outgoing and vibrant attitude.  I can't wait to meet new people and I love to play. I do think I'm the queen of the litter and sometimes hold my brothers down with my tiny body.  I have a lovely head full of curls and my color looks like it will stay true through life.  I may gain some additional black spotting through my white sections. I'll likely weigh 10-12 pounds as an adult. I will have a medium nose length.

Congratulations Cheryl L.!


Female - Apricot

What a perfect little teddy bear I am!  This curly soft coat is perfect for snuggles!  I'm a playful little gal who knows what I want and is happy to tell you about it.  I have a needier nature, so be prepared to either baby me or work a little longer on my training because I really feel my way is the right one.  Because of these traits, I'd thrive best in a family with some dog training history. I'll have a lovely soft and full coat, that will likely be light to medium apricot.  I'll have a longer nose length, like my mom and weight 16-20 pounds as an adult. I can't wait to meet you!


Congratulations Darla!


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