Java and Caper's Litter

Adoption Date: April 25 & 26

These puppies are available to our waitlist.  If you are on the waitlist, you'll receive an email when these cuties are ready for selection.  Thank you for your patience while they spend quality time with mom!


Male - Tricolor (changing to silver)

I'm a playful, people loving boy!  I'll likely weigh 11-13lbs at maturity.  I'll have a slightly wavy coat and a medium to long length of nose.  Thus far, it looks like my color will stay true through life.  If it does change, I'm likely to keep the black on my back and get a lighter face, like mom.


Congratulations Shari!


Male - Tricolor

I'm a handsome, outgoing fellow.  I love to play with my siblings and can sometimes get a touch bosy with them, but that doesn't mean I'm any less sweet!  I'll likely mature in the 13-16 pound range with a medium nose length and a slightly wavy coat.  So far it looks like my color will stay as it is now, through life. 


Congratulations Alicia & Daniel!


Male - Light Apricot Patch 

I'm the playful, fun, prince of the litter.  I love visits from my people and enjoy gently ruling over my siblings.  I seem to have a lower battery life than my brothers and sisters and spend a little more time sleeping.  I'm likely to be 14-16 pounds at maturity with a med to long nose length.  I'll be light apricot with white markings and the black tipping you see will disappear for the most part.

Congratulations Anna!


Male - Tricolor - changing to silver.

I'm a sweet natured boy who loves to play and get some love from my humans.  I have a color change in store and will lighten considerably, most likely in the silver family.  I'll have a longer nose length, like my mom and weigh 12-14lb at maturity.

Congratulations Kelly!





Female - Apricot Patch

What a beautiful girl I am.  I am playful, sweet natured and slightly on the independent side.  But don't take that to mean I don't love time with people!  I'll have a medium nose length and a medium apricot coat with a good depth of color to it.  I'll likely be 11-14lbs at maturity.


Congratulations Holly!



Female - Tricolour - changing to silver

I'm a sweet natured and pretty girl with a fun color change in store!  My black coat is going to lighten considerably and I'll be in the silver family in adulthood. I'll most likely weigh 11-13lbs with a longer nose length, like my mom.  I'm playful and love visits from my people.  What's not to love here?


Congratulations Leslie!

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