Tia and Bjorn

Adoption Date:

June 11



Female - Apricot Patch

I'm a lovely little lady who will mature in the 10-12lb range.  My coat is going to continue to lighten and I'll likely be similar to my mom's color at maturity. I'll have a medium nose length and a straight to slightly wavy coat.  I'm a playful little girl who loves to meet new people.  It makes me a few minutes to warm up to new settings and then I'm ready to go!  Because I'm a little less confident, I'd likely do best in a family with adults old, or kids over 10.

Congratulations Sue & Ron!


Female - Apricot

I'm a lovely girl who can't wait to play and greet you.  I'll weigh 12-15lbs as an adult and have a straight to wavy coat.  I'll be a light to medium apricot with a medium nose length.  I have a lovely amount of confidence.

Congratulations Christina M.!


Female - Apricot

Teya and I have the biggest play drive of the litter!  We can't wait to wow people with our fancy moves and we have a lovely amount of confidence.  I'll weigh 12-14lbs as an adult and the patches of color I have will lighten to be light apricot.  I'll likely have a medium nose length with a bit of wave in my coat.

Congratulations Shinelle!


Female - Apricot

I'm a pretty easy going gal who also loves to play.  I'm eager to meet new people and have a nice amount of confidence.  I'll weigh 11-13 pounds as an adult.  My coat will lighten to be simular to my mom's.  I'll have a medium nose length.

Congratulations Tracy G.!


Female - Apricot Patch

Playful and fun, I can't wait to impress you.  I love to meet new friends and impress them with my sweetness and confidence..  I'll be a light apricot as an adult and I'll have a Med to long nose length.  I'll likely weigh 12-14lbs at maturity.

Congratulations Linda Q.!

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