Violet and 


Adoption Date:

Dec 17

Name Theme:

The Princess and the Frog



Male - Apricot

I'm a fun loving and handsome little man. I have a great confidence and love to play. I have a straight coat and will have a medium nose. I'll weigh approximately 9-11 pounds as an adult.  My color will be light to medium apricot as an adult.

Congratulations Shannon & Maurice!


Male - Apricot

I'm a sweet little lad who loves to play with my siblings and make new friends. I have a nice confidence. I have a   straight coat and will have a medium to long nose length as an adult.  I'll be a light to medium apricot and likely weigh 11-13lbs at maturity.


Congratulations Shawna & Michael!


Female - Apricot

It's tough being the only girl when you're in with the boys, but don't worry about me! I can hold my own! My color will lose the black tipping and be a light apricot at maturity with a straight coat. I'll likely weigh 9-11 pounds as an adult and I'll have a medium nose length.

Congratulations Zhengyang!

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