Available Mature Puppies

Congratulations Evan & Zee!


5 months old

Female - Medium Apricot

I'm a sweet and energetic little girl who loves to play and party.  I am a ton of fun and growing into such a cute young lady.  Not only do I play and party, I'm also willing to do some soft snuggles as well.  I was retained as a future mom, but I'm so excited to have a human family of my own instead!  I'll weigh 10-12 pounds as an adult, have a good amount of soft wave to my coat and a nice red based apricot colouring.  I have a short to medium nose length.  I'd do just fine in a home with children or adults. I am doggie door trained and kennel trained and need a single potty break in the night.  I have all three of my first immunizations completed.  A lot of the initial work is completed for you! 

My mom is Blueberry and my dad is Sherlock (images on left).  Available to join a new family on April 16th.

I am reserved for the spring waitlist.  I am not available for general inquiries.

On Hold 


6 months old

Male - Medium Apricot - $900

I am positively the sweetest boy. My sole passion is gentle snuggles, soft playing or just snoozing with you.  Now that is a dream puppy for a low energy family!   I'm very close to my mature size now and weigh about 7 pounds.  I am the first puppy ever offered by BabyBarks as a "Special Needs" puppy.  What is so special about me?  I have a spinal malformation that causes me to walk a little different than other puppies.  I walk with my bum held a little more underneath me and a lower tail set.  Does this cause me pain?  No.  I've had X-rays, blood work and a thorough vet assessment and everything seems to look just fine. But I do walk and play differently than the average dog and I need a family who will love me for exactly who I am... a VERY special soul who might move a little different on the outside, but has so much love and affection to give.  Because of my small size, lower energy and lower play drive, I'd do best in an all adult family.  I'll still enjoy some short walks and little romps, but I'm not a boy who wants to go for fast and long exercise sessions.  I would actually be the perfect boy for a retired family who spends a lot of time at home and wants a cuddly, gentle and sweet couch potato. 

I've completed my initial three part immunization series. I'm doggie door trained and kennel trained. My mom is Fajita and my dad is Chino (images below on left). 

Available to join a new family on April 16th.

I am reserved for the spring waitlist.  I am not available for general inquiries.

Congratulations Laura J.!


4 months old

Male - Medium Apricot

I'm a fun loving and playful man who loves people to enjoy.  I can't wait to party with you or even have the occasional snuggle time.  I have a medium apricot coat with some soft wave. I have my mom's longer nose length and both my parents' sweetness.  I'll likely weigh 10-12lbs at maturity. I'd be a good puppy for families with or without kids, but I do have a softer and more submissive nature, so I'd prefer gentler, quieter children who are a little older or I may find them intimidating.

I've completed my initial three part immunization series.  I seem to have an immunization allergy, so I need an inexpensive steroid shot to be given with each of my future immunizations (Our vet charges $5 extra for this). I'm doggie door trained and have a good start on my kennel training. My mom is Kiwi and my dad is Piper (images on left).

Available to join a new family on April 16

I am reserved for the spring waitlist.  I am not available for general inquiries.

What is the advantage of a mature puppy?

I can't begin to say how many families have asked us to keep their puppy for an extra month or two and complete some extra training with them and this isn't something that we typically have the time or space to offer! That makes these puppies extra special and rare!  Not only have they completed all of their age appropriate vaccinations ($250+ value), they have had daily focused time put in to teach them to use the doggie door and do their "business" outside.  They've also had daily practice relaxing and waiting patiently in a kennel.  While not every family has a doggie door, the skill of eliminating outside makes regular potty training that much easier because your puppy already has the desire to head outside and do their "job".  These puppies have extra handling, a longer socialization period with other dogs and bath and grooming practice.  Does this mean that these puppies are perfectly behaved?  FAR from it!  They are still puppies with so much to learn but they are of the age that they'll pick it up quickly from a motivated and focused family.  We're excited to see who decides to add one of these well started puppies to their life!

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