Available Mature Puppy

Congratulations David & Wendy!



Almost 5 month old - Female

10-12lb adult estimate

What a little cutie!  Can you imagine waking up to this face every day?  I would love to be your special friend. I have a passion for people and playtime.  I love to race over and dance infront of you but I can be settled for a little while as well.  I have been enjoying playing with my puppy pals and having interactions with the older dogs, so my socialization skills are solid.  I'm the smallest among my playmates so I've had to up some of my sassiness skills to hold my own.  Because I've already developed this skill set, my best match would be children 10 years and older. I have a medium to long nose length and will likely weigh 10-12lbs as an adult.  My coat will still lighten a bit but it looks like I'll hold more pigmentation than my mom. My parents, Tia and Piper are pictured to the below.

I've completed my three part initial immunization series, so I'm safe from parvo and several other dog diseases and ready to start my leash work and join you on fun outings.  No need to quarantine me!  I've been dewormed and my flea and tick treatment is up to date.... so I'm ready for summer fun.  I've been using my doggie door consistently  and doing my business outside.  I have also been working on kennel training and I'm to the point that I can sleep the night in my kennel and will likely need one potty break.


Available for a visit and pickup on

July 22, 23 or 26th


What is the advantage of a mature puppy?

I can't begin to say how many families have asked us to keep their puppy for an extra month or two and complete some extra training with them and this isn't something that we typically have the time or space to offer! That makes these puppies extra special and rare!  Not only have they completed all of their age appropriate vaccinations ($300+ value), they have had daily focused time put in to teach them to use the doggie door and do their "business" outside.  They've also had daily practice relaxing and waiting patiently in a kennel.  While not every family has a doggie door, the skill of eliminating outside makes regular potty training that much easier because your puppy already has the desire to head outside and do their "job".  These puppies have extra handling, a longer socialization period with other dogs and bath and grooming practice.  Does this mean that these puppies are perfectly behaved?  FAR from it!  They are still puppies with so much to learn but they are of the age that they'll pick it up quickly from a motivated and focused family.  We're excited to see who decides to add one of these well started puppies to their life!