Adoption Date: July 3 & 4

Prairie and 




Female - Tricolor Patch

I'm an extra tiny, cute and vivacious girl!  I'm ready to take the world by storm. I just love some attention and a little adventure.  My colouring looks like it will stay true through adulthood and I'll mature to be 8-10lbs.  I'll have a wavy coat and a medium nose length.  As with any smaller puppy, I'm reserved for families with older children (10 and up) or adults only.  I'm SO cute and I can't wait to boss you around a bit!

Congratulations Shirley S.!


Female - Apricot

I'm a sweet natured little cutie who is full of gentle play and cuddles.  It takes me a little longer to settle into new things and then I have a blast!  I have a curly coat that will be medium to light apricot at maturity.  My black mask will fade away.  I'll have medium to long nose length and likely weigh 10-12lbs.

Congratulations Barb and Bernard!


Male - Tricolor

What a handsome boy!  It looks like my color will stay true through life. I have a silky straight coat that will get some wave with age.  I have a long nose length and will likely weigh 11-13lbs as an adult.  I have a similar temperament to Phoebe, in that is takes me a little longer to settle into something new and then I have a blast! 

Congratulations Cherilyn & Pablo!


Male - Apricot

Dapper, sweet and playful.  I know how to party and I love people too.  I'll likely be a medium apricot at maturity and I'll have a medium to long nose length.  I'll likely weigh 10-12lbs as an adult.

Congratulations Lindy Ellen!


Male - Apricot 

My teddy bear curls are to die for.  Who wouldn't want to stare at this little face?!  I'll lose my black mask and my color will be light to medium apricot.  I'll likely weigh 10-12lbs at maturity and have a medium nose length.  I love to play with my puppy pals and my human friends are so exciting!  

Congratulations Cherilyn & Pablo!

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