Adoption Date: September 18

Mint and 




Male- Tricolor Patch

I'm a handsome fellow who looks like my color will stay through through life.  I'm a confident a sweet boy who loves to play and meet new people.  I'll likely gain some wave to my coat and have a medium nose length.  I'm expected to be 13-18lbs at maturity.

Congratulations James!


Male - White

Do you love exciting color changes?  Then I'm your boy!  My black tipping will disappear and I will most likely be a lovely white, like my mom!  Take lots of pictures of me in puppyhood, because you won't believe the difference!  I have a unique green/amber eye color.  I'll have a wavy coat and a medium to long nose length.  I'll likely weigh 14-18lbs.  I'm playful, sweet, people loving and can't wait to meet my family!

Congratulations Lauri H.!


Male - Light apricot to white

I'm a handsome, sweet, playful and fun boy.  Just like my brother, I'm going to lose my darker coat and become anything from very light apricot to white!  I'll likely weigh 14-18lbs at maturity, I'll have some wave to my coat and a medium to long nose length.  I can't wait to play with you!

Congratulations Rodney & Deborah!


Female - White

I'm a beautiful little lady who should look a lot like my mom.  My color is going to lighten tremendously and I'll most likely be white.  I have my mom's nose length, a bit of wave to my coat and will likely weigh 13-16lbs.  I'm a sweet natured, playful girl who loves people!

Congratulations Lynnette!


Female - White 

Cute, playful, friendly and sweet!  You'll love me!  I'll be similar in color to my mom and most of my siblings.  I'll have a medium nose length, a bit of wave to my coat and likely weigh 14-17lbs.  

Congratulations Mandy!


Female - White 

When mom is so pretty, it's wonderful to look like her and I will too!  I'll lose my black tipping and most likely be white.  I'll have a bit of wave to my coat, weigh 14-17pounds at maturity, have a medium to long nose length and give a ton of love!  I can't wait to play with new fiends, give some kisses and enjoy life!

Congratulations Greg!

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