Female - Tricolor

I'm a sweet, playful and busy little lady!  I dance, kiss and generally entertain my human friends. I've already been using the doggie door for several weeks!  Potty training me will be a little easier than other pups as I've been practicing going outside for a while and am doggie door trained.  I'll likely mature in the 9-11lb range.  I have a medium nose length and a straight and silky coat.  Most puppies are 8 weeks old when they depart, but I'm 10 weeks old now and I'll be just over 11 weeks old when I head home.

Available for viewing and home-going on Oct 2nd.

Congratulations Heidi & Ken! 


Left: My dad, Sherlock

Right: My fun loving momma, Mini!  Mini is a Pooch Palace bred female who belongs to a friend of ours, so she will not be available for viewing at BabyBarks.  But you are welcome to meet Sherlock when you come!


Female - Medium Apricot

I'm a gorgeous and fun girl who was held back from Mocha and Zephyr's litter as a potential mom.  I have color to die for that should stay a rich medium to dark apricot and a show stopping pattern.  My mom is as sweet as they come and my Dad is full of zest and dance and I have a bit of both of them in me!  I'm a very busy girl who has trouble stopping for cuddles.  But not to worry, I'll slow with maturity and with training! And I'm certainly full of sweetness and love!  I'm 4.5 months old and have completed all of my age appropriate immunizations   I'm doggie door trained and consistently go to the bathroom outside during the day (provided I have doggie door access) and at night I use peepads 


.Congratulations Kim M.!

or I'm capable of waiting about 4 hours in a kennel (which means I'd need 1 potty break in the night).  I'm ready to work on my leash training and all the other exciting skills that adulthood brings!  I'll likely weigh 9-11 pounds as an adult. If I was held back as a potential mom, why am I available for adoption?  My bite has shifted into a bit of an underbite.  Currently it looks like it will be a non-visual underbite, meaning you have to lift my lips to see it.  But it's possible that it may become a visual underbite, which means you'll be able to see a bit of my bottom teeth giving a happy smile when you look at me.  Underbites are cosmetic and not an issue, but BabyBarks's goal is to keep level-bited parents whenever possible.  But I am so gorgeous that I'll dazzle you regardless and my extra training and immunizations get you way ahead of the game!!

Sizzle is available for viewing and home-going on October 2nd.  


Left: My mom, Mocha

Right: My Dad, Zephyr

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