Mocha & Zephyr

Adoption Date:

June 10 & 11



Male - Apricot

I'm a sweet natured lover of a little man.  I am passionate about people and race over to see anyone new.  I'll have a short nose length and likely weigh 12-14 as an adult.  I'll have a straight coat and silky coat that is   light apricot.


Congratulations Tony!


Female - Dark Apricot

I'm one extra cute and flashy little lady!  I am passionate about people and new things.  I have a lovely amount of confidence and can't wait to play. I'll have a short nose at maturity and likely weigh 11-13lbs. My coat will most likely be dark apricot and silky straight.

Congratulations Roman and family!

Mari & Zephyr's


Adoption Date: June

10 & 11


Female - Dark Apricot

Am I a cutie?!  Wow!  Yes I am!  I have such a sweet, cute squishy little face and a curious bumbling loveable temperament to go along with it.  I'll likely weigh 8-10lbs pounds at maturity and the spots on my coat will be a dark apricot.  My nose length will be short and my coat may stay straight to develop just a bit of wave.  Believe me, when you see me, you are going to want to snuggle me!

Congratulations Tammy!

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