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Female - White with small markings.

I'm an extra tiny little gal who has zip and zest.  I'm a lot of fun, love people and can't wait to meet you!  Even though I'm a bold and sweet puppy, I'd thrive best in a family with children over 10 as my tiny size requires a more stable environment and gentle care.  I have a straight coat, a short to medium nose length and a lovely white colouring with fun color highlight on my ears and around my left eye.  I'll likely weigh 7-9 lbs at maturity.

Congratulations Christine M.R.!



Female - Apricot Patch

I'm just like my sister... extra tiny and sweet!  Are we tiny because we are a Yorkie cross?  No!  We are Bichon Shih Tzus with no Yorkie. Our grandpa had a "tiny" puppy gene and some of his descentents are just extra cute and small!  We lucked out!  I'll likely mature in the 7-9lb range and would do best in the same household type as my sister.  My coloured patches will lose their black tipping but keep a good depth of color, staying around medium apricot.  I'll have a short to medium nose length, straight coat and a whole lot of cuteness!

Congratulations Christine S. !

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