Adoption Date
April 8 , 2022

Litter Theme:


I'm a lovely little girl who enjoys playtime and meeting new human friends.  I have a deep pigmentation in my colored areas and those will remain in the medium apricot range. I'll have a medium nose length and weigh 9-11lbs. 



Female - Apricot





Female - Apricot


I'm a sweet little gal who enjoys playtime and gets excited to see my special people. If I see a new face, I am the first to run over with excited tail wags.  I have a lovely depth of color to my coat and will most likely be medium apricot at maturity.  My coat is wavy. I'll be 9-11 lbs as an adult and have a medium to long nose length.

Congratulations Sharon and Jim!



Male - Apricot


I'm a gorgeous boy with a love of new friends and a passion for playtime. I'm leadership minded and enjoy besting my siblings but we have a blast with is! My coat that will be light apricot at maturity..  My coat is wavy. I'll be 10-12 lbs as an adult and have a medium nose length. I can't wait to have a visit and play with my new family!

Congratulations Heidi!



Male - Tricolor


I'm a handsome, flashy and fun loving boy.  I have such exciting coloring and it looks like my black areas will change to deep silver.  I'm likely to weigh 9-11lbs as an adult and I'll have a medium nose length.

Congratulations Eileen and Barry!



Male - Red


Handsome with such lovely color!  I have a great pigmentation to my coat and am currently red with no signs of fading.  I may change as I age, but I'll keep a lovely depth of color.  My nose length is medium and I'm likely to be 9-11lbs as an adult.  I'm fun loving, give the best little kisses and can't wait to see my human friends!

Congratulations Taylor!