Nugget and Chilli's Litter

Adoption Date:

April 24

These puppies are reserved for the spring waitlist. 

They are not available for general inquiries.

Thank you.



Female - Apricot Patch

I'm lovely little lady who enjoys playing and meeting new friends.  I have a straight coat that may gain a little wave with age and will likely be a light apricot.  I have short a shorter nose length and may end up with a tiny little underbite where you see a bit of my happy smile. I'll likely weigh 8-10 lbs at maturity.

Congratulations Susan R.!



Female - Apricot Patch

I'm a sweet and playful girl.  Just like my siblings, I can't wait to meet some new friends and give some little licks!  I have a straight coat that will lose it's black tipping and I'll be a light apricot at maturity.  I have a short nose length and I may end up with a little underbite. I will likely weigh 10-12lbs as an adult.

Congratulations Paisley & Emerson!


Male - Apricot Patch

I'm a pretty special boy with my amazing blue eye and flashy coat pattern.  I'm a pup with pizzazz and style.  I love playing with my sisters and greeting new friends.  I'll likely be a medium apricot at maturity with a straight to slightly wavy coat.  I'll have a short to medium nose length and weigh 10-12lbs as an adult.  

Congratulations Peter & Marlene!

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