Coco & Sherlock's 


Adoption Date:

June 10 & 11



Male - Tricoor

I'm a flashy little boy with a sweet nature and a love of fun.  I'll likely mature in the 10-12lbs range.  My color will stay true through life and my coat will likely gain a bit of wave in my coat.  I'll have a medium nose length.  I can't wait to meet you!  


Congratulations Linda C.!


Male - Dark Apricot to Red

Ever so handsome with a nice deep color to match!  Currently I look like I'll mature to be red, but it wouldn't be unusual for that to lighten out and I may end anywhere between a medium apricot and red... so lots of lovely color.  I'll have a straight coat and a medium nose length with a small overbite that may correct by 6 months of age.  I'll likely weigh 10-12lbs.


Congratulations Debra M.!


Female - Black and white

I'm a lovely lady who is excited to meet new friends and loves to play.  It takes me a little longer to settle into new things and then I really have a blast!  I'll likely weigh 12-14lbs at maturity.  My color looks like it will stay true through adulthood. I'll likely have a medium nose length.  I'm one flashy girl!


Congratulations Sue and Dan!



Medium Apricot

I'm a cute little lady with a nice solid build. I love to play and check out my human friend.  I'll lose my black tipping and mature to be a nice medium apricot.  I'll have a medium nose length and likely weigh 11-13lbs at maturity.

Congratulations Gillian W.!

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