Hobbit & Oliver's 


Adoption Date: 

Dec 17

Name Theme: 

A few of the reindeer

Bichon Shih Tzu Yorkie Litter

(one quarter Yorkie)



Male -  Apricot

I'm a debonair little man who loves to party, meet new friends and give the odd snuggle.  I'll likely mature light apricot as my black tipping fades away.  I'll medium nose length and a little underbite.  It may stay hidden beneath my lips or it may give you a little happy grin.  I'll have a straight coat and likely weigh 6-9lbs as an adult.  

Congratulations Mark and family!


Female - Apricot

Held back as a possible mom

I'm a cute little lady with gorgeous markings.  I'll likely weigh 7-9lbs at maturity. I'll likely have a medium apricot coat and a medium nose length.  My coat is currently straight but it will gain a little wave with age.




Female - Apricot

I'm a divinely cute little lady who will be a light to medium apricot as an adult.  I'll have a short to medium nose length and likely weigh 6-9lbs as an adult.   I love to meet new people and party!  


Congratulations Jim & Cindy B.


Female - apricot

I'm a delightful little girl who loves to play and enjoy my siblings and visitors.  I'll likely have a medium apricot coat and which is silky and straight and may gain a little wave.  I have a moderate overbite but you'll have to lift my lips to notice anything is amiss!  I'll likely weigh 6-9lbs as an adult. 


Congratulations MaryLynn!


Male -  Apricot

I'm the cutest little fellow who loves to play and give some love!  I'll likely mature a medium apricot with a short to medium nose length.  I have a moderate overbite that you need to lift my lips to see.  I have a straight coat that may gain some wave and I'll likely weigh 7-9lbs.  Just like my siblings, I love people and love to play!

Congratulations Elena P.!

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