Mini & Sherlock's 


Adoption Date: Sept

Name Theme: 

Lord of the Rings



Female - Apricot

Reserved as a possible mom

I'm a cute little lady with gorgeous markings.  I thought really hard about how I was going to pose for this picture and my sister copied me!  Geesh!!  Sisters!  But no matter, I know I'm looking cute!  I'll likely weigh 11-13lbs at maturity. I'll have a light apricot coat and a long nose length.  My coat is currently straight but it will gain a little wavy with age.




Female - Apricot

Ok, might be a copy cat, but I'm no cat!!  I'm a divinely cute little lady who will be a light to medium apricot as an adult.  I'll have a medium nose length and likely weigh 9-11lbs.  I'm slightly less confident than my sister and it takes me a little more time to settle in, but then I love to meet new people and party!  I guess I was practising my fancy moves too much because when it was time to make the video, I was too tired to make much of an appearance.


Congratulations Gloria B.!


Male - Light apricot or white

Can you resist such a handsome fellow!  And I have such a fun color change in store!  My black tipping will disappear as I age, which means the black mask over my face is likely to disappear entirely.  What will be left behind is a light apricot/white coat.  I'll have a medium to long nose length and weigh 11-13 pounds as an adult.  I'm a people loving little fellow and loves to play once I have a change to explore my surroundings.


Congratulations Lynnette!


Male -  Apricot

I'm the cutest little fellow with a rather show stopping nose!  Believe it or not, my nose will gain more pigmentation with age but I may have a few lighter sections to it that will add to my charm.  I'll likely mature a medium apricot with a medium nose length.  I'll have a bit of wave to my coat and likely weigh 11-13lbs.  Just like my siblings, I love people and love to play!

Congratulations Sandra Z.!

Congratulations Carrie H.!


Male -  Apricot to white


Pickup date: Aug 22

I'm a delightful and sweet natured boy who is currently about 10 weeks old and available for pickup at 13 weeks of age.  I'm sweet, people loving, playful, gentle natured and a joy to be around.  I have finished two of my three part immunization series and will only need to complete one shot with my new family. I'm doggie door trained and consistently doing my "business" outside. I'm well socialized and can't wait to meet that special family who is excited to have a little more of the early work done for them.  I'll likely mature in the 11-13 pound range and be light apricot or white in color.  I'll most likely have a medium nose length and have a little wave to my coat.

My parents: Kiwi and Fleur 

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