Arwen & Zephyr's 


Adoption Date: 

April 10

Name Theme: 




Male -  Red Patch

I'm a handsome and outgoing boy who loves people and loves to play!  I have a lovely depth of color to my coat, like all of my brothers and I'll likely stay anywhere from medium apricot through a lovely red for life. I'll have a short nose length.  My coat is straight and silky.  I will likely weigh 10-12pounds as an adult


My brothers and I look so similar, that you will see a second (ugly!) photo with each profile.  Use the side arrow to scroll over to this image as seeing more of our markings will help you tell us apart in the videos. .

Congratulations Bob & Arlene!


Male - Red Patch



I'm a dapper boy who is passionate about people and is outgoing in nature.  I have a lovely depth of color to my coat, like all of my brothers and I will likely mature to be a red or fade a bit from that to a darker apricot.  My coat is straight and silky.  I'll have a short nose length and I will likely weigh 10-13 pounds as an adult

Congratulations Giovanni!


Male - Dark Apricot Patch

Too handsome for words! That's me!  And like my siblings, I enjoy meeting new friends, playing with toys and partying with other puppies.  I'll have a medium to dark apricot coat with a slight wave.  My nose length will be short to medium. I'll most likely weigh 10-13 pounds as an adult.  And the pigmentation on my nose is still darkening, so the pink you currently see will most likely turn black over the next couple of weeks.


Congratulations Penny H.!


Male - Red

Cute as a button and smaller to boot!  I'm the littlest boy of the litter and will likely mature in the 9-11 pound range. I have a fun loving spirit and enjoy playing with my siblings and meeting new friends.  I actually really enjoy kissing my visitors!  I'll have a red coat that may fade into darker apricot hues.  I'll have a short nose with a baby underbite. My nose pigmentation is still darkening, so most of it will likely fill in over the next couple weeks.


Congratulations Jennifer I.!

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