Female - Light Apricot

I'm a cute, fun and engaging little lady!  I'll likely mature in the 10-12lb range.  I have a medium nose length and a straight coat.  I will lose my black tipping and mature to be a light apricot.  I can't wait to meet you and show you my happy dances!  My mom is Izzy and my Dad is Stewart.  I'm 8 weeks old and available immediately.

Congratulations Adam and Stacey



Female - Medium Apricot

Aren't I a lovely little girl?  I have a fun curly coat that will likely be medium apricot at maturity. I'm on the tinier side and will mature I the 7-9lb estimated range.  Because of my tiny size I'd thrive best in a home with either all adult or mature, older children. I'll have a cute medium nose length and may have a tiny underbite that will likely remain safely and subtly tucked behind my lips.  I'm busy, playful and a people lover. I can't wait for a new adventure.  My mom is Cookie and my Dad is Caper.  I'm 11 weeks old and available immediately.


Congratulations Jasmine


Male - Light apricot to white


Petite, playful and people loving.  I can't wait to meet my special family. Like so many of my siblings, I'll lose my black tipping. I'll lighten in color to be a very light apricot or white pup!    I have a lovely amount of wave to my coat and a medium nose length. I'll be a tiny little guy, likely in the 7-9lb range which means I wouldn't be suitable for a family with young children. I can't wait to meet you and give you some loving kisses!  My mom is Cookie and my Dad is Caper.  I'm 11 weeks old and available immediately.


Congratulations Julia!


Female - Apricot to white


Such a little sweetie! I can't wait to dazzle my family as I actually change white! I may retain a little bit of apricot, but overall, I will be quite light.  See the black hairs on my face and ears?  This is called "black tipping" and will be trimmed away on my first and second haircuts.  I'm a tiny little girl and will be 7-9lbs at maturity which means I'd thrive better in an all-adult home or one with older children. I'll have a wavy to curly coat and a medium nose length. I can't wait to give some gentle lick and fun playtimes to my new family. I'm 11 weeks old and available immediately.


Congratulations Darlene!


Female - Medium Apricot

I'm a sweet a people focused little lady who will want to be sticky-glued to you with love!  So if you are looking for your constant companion for those couch snuggles and buddy naps, I'm your girl!  Of course, I'm still a puppy so playtime and romping is also on the agenda.  I'll have a medium apricot coat and a short to medium nose length.  I'm petite in size so I'd prefer a family with older children or adults only. My mom is Caramel and my dad is Kermit.  I'm 10 weeks old and ready to depart when you are!


Congratulations Jamila!

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