It makes sense our puppies impress!

Meet our Papas!

We have been chosen for our people focused temperaments, level bites, excellent health and proven genetics.  We are a fun loving group who all live together... napping, playing and romping!  We love going for walks but what we really love is our lady friends!  We all wait at the fence just for a chance to see one of them walk by.  Oh, they are beautiful.  We're completely smitten!


- Apricot patch coat

- 13 pounds

I have the most beautiful tail. It is so thick and gorgeous, just like my coat! I'm an easy going guy who loves to lay around in the sun and get a good tan.  I race on my walks but then "chilling out" is the name of the game.  Cuddle?  Yes, I love it!  But I won't demand attention... I'm ready when you are!


- Chocolate Isabella, white markings

- 9 pounds

I'm the gentlest boy.  I like nothing more than sitting on a lap.  If the cuddling stops, I will gently remind you to continue with a soft touch of my paw.  I'm a true gentleman!   I'm the father of Cleo, Molly and Kiwi if you are interested to see what my puppies look like.  I may be light in color but my puppies are flashy!


- Solid light apricot, white markings

- 11 pounds

I'm a handsome boy who loves his humans!  I'm the happiest guy and wag like a whirlwind when I see anything that's the least bit impressive.... which is everything! I have a gentle and soft spirit and I pass that right along to my pups.  I have no desire to be the boss and love to chum around with absolutely everyone!  I'm just one happy-go-lucky, sweet natured fellow who is a gem to have around!

Our Handsome Boys


- Apricot Patch

- 9 pounds

Gentle, sweet, cuddly and soft natured.  I'm a lovely little boy who just enjoys staying out of trouble, an exciting walk, a pretty lady and my buddies!  I have a shyer nature but when I'm in my element, I really shine!  I truly couldn't be cuter and pictures just don't do me justice. I have a thick, soft and curly coat that has a lovely amount of pigment.  I also have the perfect Shih Tzu pattern with a nice solid color over my back and a white shoulder shawl.  My puppies are sure to impress!  Who is my sister?  Fajita!


-Red, no markings

-11 pounds

I'm a gentle soul who loves my cuddles and walks.  Truth be told, I don't even really look around on my walks because I'm too busy looking up at my human to see if she's happy with me!  And of course she is!  What's not to love? Sometimes I race off with my friends and then I charge right back to impress her!  When I'm tired from all that running, I'm happy to cuddle and I'm sure to wow with my solid red coat.


- Apricot Patch Coat

- 10 pounds

I'm a fun loving ball of zest!  Personality plus is my forte and my good looks are just a bonus.  I prance like a show pony and why shouldn't I when I know I look so cute?  I'm a fun loving soul who has a happy, panting grin like no other.  My coat is extra awesome, thick and soft and my pattern is perfect!  I'm a gem!


-Red with white markings

-10 pounds

Handsome, vibrant, friendly and personably.  Sherlock is a gem and we are so happy to have him as a papa dog!  He has energy to play but still loves attention and his people time and honestly, could be be cuter? You have us dazzled, Sherlock!  


- Red Patch Coat

- 12 pounds

I'm a favourite here at Baby Barks.  I'm humble about it and as sweet as they come.  My sole passion is people... ok, it's also walks and a pretty girl can turn my head, but the dream of my life is being held in someone's arms until I die.  I'm a sweet natured boy who is a friend to all other dogs, kids, strangers and new experiences alike.  I'm sure to stamp my puppies with my sweet natured ways.



-4 pounds

I'm a fun loving little boy who doesn't let my tiny stature slow me down!  I'm a Bichon Shih Tzu Yorkie! I love to go on walks, play with the big boys and I have my eye on a few special lady friends!  I have a nice full coat, vibrant color, confidence and a whole lot to give!


- Apricot Patch Coat

- 9 pounds

I'm a fun loving and zesty boy who is mischievous and memorable!  I love people and I love to play!  I'm ever so dapper with my super soft  and thick coat, shorter nose length and cute markings.  I've been nicknamed "the spider" because I cling to anyone who holds me!


-Apricot Patch Coat

-9 pounds

I'm a sweet and quiet natured little boy.  I'll let the others push to the front and demand while I wait my turn in a polite fashion.  I love walks, chewing on bone and playing with my buddies.  I have a lovely color and pattern and an ever so sweet shorter nose length.


- Apricot Patch Coat

- 15 pounds

I'm a relaxed lover of a boy.  I'm confident, sweet, gentle and generally just a happy soul to be around.  My puppies are inheriting my great temperaments.  I have a nice thick coat with a gentle wave and a bit more color than my picture suggests.  


-Apricot Patch Coat

-11 pounds

Wow factor! I think that sums me up!  My eyes came from my daddy, Zephyr and mom, Mari. They are the result of a rare Shih Tzu gene.  Will I produce blue eyed puppies?  It entirely depends on the momma dog as well... so it's entirely possible that I won't sire a single blue eyed puppy.  Time will tell!  But I have a gorgeous soft and full coat, a perfect Shih Tzu pattern and an outgoing and fun loving temperament... so blue eyes (and these gorgeous straight teeth!) are just a bonus!  

Canada Shichon
Bichon Shih Tzu
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