Sweet, Playful, Cuddly


Doggie Door Trained,

Leash Trained, Immunized



A bit about me!

Hi there!  I'm so excited to think of meeting you!​ I'm a 3 year old Bichon Shih Tzu.  Stella and Basil are the names of my parents and I have many relatives here at Baby Barks!

My favourite activities include running around on our off-leash walk, walking on-leash, chewing a yummy bone, playing with my friend and I LOVE attention from people!  I've never met a stranger I didn't like.


Am I potty trained?

I'm doggy door trained, which means I'll consistently do my business outside if I have access to a doggie door.  I'll need a bit more work to fully "potty train" me, but this will take a fraction of the time that it takes to potty train a puppy.  Restricting my space, initially, will speed up this process.

Do we have special diet needs?

Nope!  I'm an easy keeper!  I'm being free fed Kirkland Salmon and Sweet Potato.  Mind you, if you want to give me a tiny treat from the table, I won't turn you down!

What is my bedtime regime? 

I head out for a night time potty break and then my humans put me in my kennel. I'm a good girl and sleep quietly through the night in my kennel. I don't expect to be on your bed.

Am I leash trained?


Yes.  I'm great on leash and I am also really good off leash.  All of my walks have happened at the BabyBarks acreage, which means I'm not used to the sounds and sites of the city.  Cars whizzing by and strangers approaching me are sure to alarm me... but I'll get used to it with time.  Right now, I'm used to cows and ducks and buffalo... maybe those things would alarm the city dogs?  ​It won't take me long to get used to new things, I'm sure.

Am I healthy and without issues?

Yes, I'm a heathy girl.  I have no known pre-existing health conditions and I have my parvo series up to date and I'm fully dewormed.   No need to quarantine me and I can join you in any activities that you can think up!

Do I have any fears?

Not really.  I don't have a lot of car experience, so that will take some getting used to but I'll get the hang of it with some patience.  I'm a confident but really sweet natured girl.  I'm social and love both dogs and people without being bossy or demanding.

Do I have any bad habits?

I do occasionally bark to let humans know that I want their attention, however this is easily controlled with a reminder that I might get a squirt of water from the squirt bottle! 

Who would be my perfect love match?

Obviously, I need to go to a home that is willing to be patient and kind to me as I settle in and figure out my new life!  I have so much love to give my humans!  I are so excited to go on walks and cuddle with my new family, so I need someone special who has that time to spend with me.  That means I'd prefer someone who doesn't work full-time.  I'm also very dog social and LOVE playing with my puppy pals.  I would vastly prefer a home with a dog to pal around with.  I'm submissive natured and social, so I won't cause any ripples.

I'd be a good fit for older and kind natured kids.  I'd be equally happy in a home with no kids at all.

A word from BabyBarks:

We love Daphne!  She is such  sweet natured, fun and kind girl.  She has produced four lovely litters and it's time for her to retire and enjoy a forever family.  There are families all over Canada enjoying and loving on her puppies and we are so thankful for her contribution!  Daphne comes on a spay contract and needs to be spayed within 2 months of heading to her new home.  Her mommy days are done and we want her to enjoy her new home to the full.

What's included in Daphne's price?


 Daphne come with our life time return policy and a refund if you return her within 6 months.  Also, for less than the price of our puppies, you get a dog who has completed her immunizations, has basic training, and has the maturity to be a settled and enjoyable pet.

Daphne is a wonderful girl for a lucky family.

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