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We're sorry but we are not currently offering dog boarding.  We do not plan to resume this service at this time.  Thank you!

8-16 Week Old Puppy Boarding Info


Offered for puppies 8-16 weeks of age.  

+ To qualify, puppies must have been maintained in quarantine (only exposed to your house and yard, no sidewalk, puppy classes or public surfaces).  Puppies must be exhibiting NO symptoms of illness.  No hints of vomiting or diarrhea in order to join us for care.  Bringing a sick puppy to us, or a puppy that has not be maintained in quarantine, will put all of our puppies at risk for a major disease outbreak - so please consider the bigger picture and help us keep these precious puppies safe.

We know it's almost impossible to head on vacation if you have a new puppy.  They haven't completed their immunizations and need special care so they won't fall behind in their training.  Not to worry!  We certainly specialize in puppies!   While puppies actually take MORE work than their older counterparts, we want to offer puppy boarding at affordable rates as a service and a thank you to our recent adopters.  That way you can get that much needed break, kick back and relax, all the while knowing that your new fur family member is having a blast, playing with relatives in a familiar environment, continuing their training and well cared for until your return.

Puppy Boarding Details:

+ Puppies must still be eating our

recommended food of Kirkland Puppies

and/or Salmon and Sweet Potato as they

will be free-feeding with their friends and

switching foods abruptly will give them


+ We are happy to immunize your puppy

while you are away if needed in accordance

to their schedule (extra charges apply)

+ Puppies will be taught to use the doggie

door and use our outdoor and indoor play

area if boarding during mild weather. This is a fantastic skill and a great add on to their training!

+ Puppies will continue with paper training if staying with us during a poor weather season but this won't set back your potty training!

+ Free access to food, play area, sleeping zone and friends!  It's an all day and all night party!

+ $20/day.   5 night minimum stay.  $15/day after two weeks of continuous stay.


Older Puppy and Dog Boarding Info

We love to visit with our past puppies of any age!  And honestly, what could be more fun than partying non-stop with your cousins!  We carefully match our guest dogs with a few of our own dogs to optimize their stay.  If they are new to the boarding experience (much like summer camp!) we will make sure they have only supportive and friendly faces to give them an awesome time.  Is your dog a mature puppy with energy to burn and a high play drive?  No problem!  We have friends that will suit them to a tee!  They'll spend so much time romping that they'll sleep like the dead when they return to you, paws twitching as they relive all the antics they've loved while they've been away.  If they could speak, they'd be begging to come back!

Stay Details

-Puppies and dogs must still be eating our

recommended food of Kirkland Puppies

and/or Salmon and Sweet Potato as they

will be free-feeding with their friends and

switching foods abruptly will give them


-Our guests will be taught to use doggie 

doors so they can enjoy ongoing access to 

our covered potty area and large grass 


-Age and energy appropriate puppy pals so

your buddy's time couldn't be better!

-Once a day leashed walks on our 16 acres for leash trained dogs (weather dependent).

-All dogs must be up to date on their immunizations, including kennel cough.

-$35 per day. 5 day minimum stay.  $25 per day for days beyond two weeks.  

-Have an around the world trip planned or a family issue that requires your dog to stay for a month or more?  No problem.  We can offer more affordable monthly rates.

-Do you have multiple dogs?  Please inquire.  We have discounted multi-dog rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with my dog?  Do they need food, toys or a bed?

You may bring your own kennel and kennel bedding, if you feel your dog would prefer this.  Be sure BOTH are clearly labelled.  We regularly and frequently wash our kennel bedding and be aware there is a risk your bedding will be mixed up ours and lost within our laundry.  For that same reason, please don't bring toys or even a collar for your dog.  We can't keep track of everyone's personal belongings when we have so many of our own dog items!  A naked dog is a happy dog!

Can I bring a different dog food and have you feed it to our pooch?

Unfortunately, we can't manage dogs on various brands due to our "pack stay" system.  Our dogs live, play and romp in a groups and are free fed, so we can't keep your dog away from our brand of food and we can't accommodate individual feeding in this fluid environment.

Our dog is on medication.  Will you give it during their stay?

This would be a case by case basis as we really can't have actively "unwell" dogs joining us.  Given that we have unimmunized puppies present and our dogs live together communally, we really don't want to risk the spread of disease.  If the medication is related to a non-contagious issue, please let us know and this may be something we can manage for you.

Our dog seems slightly off... maybe he's a little sick?  Can I still bring him to stay?

If your dog has been vomitting, has diarrhea, is lethargic, open sores, any sort of illness or contagious problem, please do NOT bring him to us.  Our environment is fragile with new puppies and dogs still working through their immunizations.  Your decision to bring an unwell dog could have catastrophic effects.  Please be caring and think of all our sweet puppies, we're counting on you to help keep them safe.

Additionally, if you think your dog is "off" and you haven't yet taken them to the vet, please do so before bringing them.  As much as dogs will love their stay, there is still some stress involved and stress decreases the immune response.  So what starts as a minor problem could quickly grow.

Do we need to place a deposit when we book our stay?

We don't require deposit for the vast majority of the year.  However, because we only accept a limited number of dogs, we do require deposits for peak holiday times as we will be turning away families for our few "guest" slots.  During Christmas, New Years, and Easter, we require a non-refundable 50% payment to secure your reservation.  This would be refundable if you cancel by 30 days out.

How far in advance can we book?

Our booking calendar is open 3 months in advance.

What are your pickup and drop off times?

We can accommodate appointments between (9:30am - 11:30am) and (6:30pm - 8:00pm).

On Sundays we only do evening appointments.

Other times may be available at your request, but you will need to confirm that shortly before your timing.  

We don't want to drive all the way out there.  Is there a drop off location other than at your acreage?

Depending on the day, we may be able to bring dogs into Airdrie in the morning around 8am for pickups and would accept drop offs between 4-5:30pm.  Schedule depends on the day.  This is never a guarantee but we will certainly try to accommodate you so you don't have to come as far.  Please let us know if this is your preference.

What would happen in the unexpected event that our dog needed vet care while he / she is with you?

It's important to know that we have never yet needed a vet for a guest dog in our care.  But if a dog was ill, we would notify the owner and take the dog to the Didsbury Vet as they have both daytime and emergency, after hours, services.  You would be kept informed as best possible. When you make your booking, please keep in mind that our dogs do have access to  amazing grass yards and these include dirt, grass, trees and sticks.  We haven't had bit of trouble with these elements, but if you are not comfortable with your dog interacting freely, in an unsupervised way with nature, please let us know so that we can adjust the outdoor area that he/she has access to.  

Do you have special holiday rates?

No, our rates are the same year round.

Is there a minimum stay requirement?

Yes, we have a 5 day minimum stay requirement.

What should I expect when I pick my dog up?

Expect one happy and tired pooch!  They'll be thrilled to see you and they'll sleep hard for a couple days after heading home.  Just like kids at summer camp, there is only so much playing, chewing, running and tug-o-war one dog can do before they need to sleep, sleep, sleep!

Do you offer dog-sitting to dogs that were not adopted from BabyBarks?

At least one of your dogs needs to be a Baby Barks pup.  However, if you have a second or third dog who is also a Bichon or Shih Tzu but did not originate from us, we are still very happy to accommodate your stay so that all of your dogs can remain together.