4 years old 




A bit about me!


I am a beautiful tricolor with an ultra soft and curly coat and I just turned 4 years old. I'm a soulful cuddler of a boy.  If I could be attached to my human and spend my days on their lap, I would love it!  I also have an athletic build and good endurance, so I'd be a wonderful and appreciative partner for both short walks and long hikes.  I do enjoy the company of other dogs.  With my friends, I have been the fair and just pack leader, so you may find me trying to nose my way into that spot again.


Am I potty trained?

I'm perfectly kennel trained, doggie door trained and holding it in my pen whenever the doggie door is closed.  I have been given no opportunity to make mistakes in the house, so this should translate to nearly perfect behavior.  So essentially I am potty trained, but I will require some initial supervision and consistency to ensure I translate this skill perfectly in my new home.


Initially, I'd need to be walked around your home on a leash for a couple of weeks and spend any unleashed time in my pen or a small room of the house.  Any time out of this space should be on a leash or on your lap.   Don't give me more space than a single room of your home until I have one month with no problems.  I will adjust quickly because I have no history of making mistakes in the house, but this space restriction and consistency will help me with my transition and ensure excellent success!

Do I have further training?

I have leash training and am a perfect companion on a leashed walk.  I can pass strangers, other dogs, etc and generally prefer to ignore them and focus on you.  However, opportunities for practice have been limited in our setting.  I have excellent recall to my name.  I do frequent off-leash walks on our acreage and I come back as soon as my name is called.   I know how to sit on command and I have not been allowed to counter or table surf and I am a wonderful companion on your couch or bed.  My kennel training is perfect and I'll settle right in, when in my special place, and rest without complaints. I have done several car rides and I do find them initially scary and will shiver for about 10 mins.  Then I settle in and go to sleep.

Do we have special diet needs?

Not really!  I'm a healthy boy.  But I do have a fast metabolism.  I'm currently being free fed Kirkland Salmon and Sweet Potato.  I would do best being free fed as I have a fast metabolism and if I am put on a restricted feeding schedule, I'm likely to look skeletal in short order!  

What is my bedtime regime? 

I head out for a night time potty break and then my humans put me in my kennel.  I like my kennel spot.  It makes me feel secure and I sleep wonderfully in there. If I could chose, I'd prefer to have my kennel beside another dog or in my human's room.

Do I have any bad habits?

Most of my life has been spent in a kennel setting with access to bones, dog toys, friends and my own huge grass yard.  So within that realm, I'm a well trained boy!  However, there is so much more mischief I can get into in a house setting.  So please restrict my space so you can keep an eye on me, supervise my potty habits, and continue to  teach me what is mine and what is not.  I'm a well behaved boy, so you are likely to be impressed.

I do like to bark at things I see outside.  Since the adult dogs at BabyBarks wear barking collars, this hasn't been a problem. I'm comfortable wearing my barking collar and am basically silent.  But if my barking collar is forgotten or the batteries are dead, you are sure to hear from me!

I haven't had a lot of exposure to children.  I will initially find them scary, with their spontaneous activity and noice.  So please be aware that I will need extra supervision and slow exposure.  I'd do best in a home with children 12 and old and only supervised interaction with children younger that 12.  I'm not going to appreciate them grabbing at me.

Who would be my perfect love match?

Obviously, I need to go to a home that is willing to be patient and kind to me as I settle in and figure out my new life!  I have so much love to give my humans, but I will initially be shy and it will take me a couple weeks to really show affection, and really settle in.  Once I feel secure, I plan to snuggle right up to you and give you so much love! I'm so excited to go on walks and learn what house life is all about, so I need someone special who has that time to spend with me.  That means I'll be reserved for someone who is home full time.  Alternatively, I'd be content with a dog friend, if my family does work.  Having had constant companionship, I don't want to head off to a home alone and spend long periods by myself.  I've had yard access my whole life, so I would not be suitable for a condo or apartment.  I need my own fenced yard. 

What's included in Bjorn's price?


 Our typical genetic health warrantee, life time rehoming policy and full refund option, upon return, excluding your $300 deposit.  He is up to date on his Parvo, Distemper, Adrenovirus and Parainfluenze immunizations and has recently be dewormed. In May, Bjorn has been neutered, his back dew claws removed and his teeth cleaned. He is leash trained, used to bathing and grooming, and is easy to handle.  He has the maturity to be a settled and enjoyable pet right from the start and has a lot of work already put into him for someone wanting an easier potty training experience and more maturity.  Bjorn is the sweetest soul and he will be sincerely and dearly missed here. He is being offered on a first buy-back contract which means you can't sell or rehome him without asking us first.  We do love this boy and want him returned to us if it isn't working out, but we're sure you will end up loving him as much as we do!