4 month old 

8-10lb mature weight



A bit about me!


I'm a loving little girl with the most delightful sweet spirt, gentle ways and happy play habits.  Bichon Shih Tzus are lovely dogs in general, but I really take the cake with my sweetness and delightful spirit. I'm 16 weeks old, so I have a bit more growing to do, but at maturity I'll have a medium nose length, a nice bite and a nice amount of wave to my coat.  I'd be wonderful with older kids or homes with just adults, but I would thrive best in a home without younger children due to my soft nature.  I was held back by BabyBarks as a future mom and I definitely embody the best of the breed.  I'm a quality little girl and my temperament is simply lovely.  


Am I potty trained?

I'm doggy door trained, which means I'll consistently do my business outside if I have access to a doggie door.  I'll need more work to transition this training to classic "potty training" but I have such a firm foundation of doing my business outside that it will take a lot less time than a younger pup.  Be forgiving of me, restrict my space until I'm proving that I've got the hang of things and use consistency.  I'll figure things out faster if you limit my ability to have accidents by keeping your eye on me, taking me out frequently and making good use of my kennel training.  

Do we have special diet needs?

Nope!  I'm an easy keeper!  I'm being free fed Kirkland Salmon and Sweet Potato mixed with Kirkland puppy food.  

What is my bedtime regime? 

I head out for a night time potty break and then my humans put me in my kennel.  I settle right down, like a good girl, and go to sleep.  I'm young enough that I may need you to let me out once in the night, but otherwise, I'm sleeping through.  Please pick up my dog food and water about two hours before my bedtime to help me hold it in the night. If you have other dogs, I'd love to have my kennel near them.  If not, I'd love to have my kennel near your bed.

Am I leash trained?

I'm just starting my leash training.  I completed my Parvo immunizations just a couple weeks ago, so my change to head out and enjoy bigger walks has just begun! 

Do I have any bad habits?

I'm a puppy!  So I will need your direction to meet your expectations in your home.  All puppies like to chew and get into mischief, so restricting my space will allow you to keep an eye on me, finish my potty training and teach me what is mine and what is not.  Essentially, I'm still learning good habits and have a soft nature, so I'll be easy to train.  

Who would be my perfect love match?

Obviously, I need to go to a home that is willing to be patient and kind to me as I settle in and figure out my new life!  I have so much love to give my humans!  I are so excited to go on walks and cuddle with my new family, so I need someone special who has that time to spend with me.  That means I'd prefer someone who doesn't work full-time.  I'm also very dog social and LOVE playing with my puppy pals if you have a dog already or want to get one in the future.  If you don't, no problem, I'll still be fine on my own.  I'm submissive natured and social, so I won't cause any ripples but that also means if my playmate was too dominant and wide I may decide to opt out and avoid them.

What's included in Aspen's price?


 Our typical genetic health warrantee, life time rehoming policy and full refund option, upon return, excluding your $300 deposit.  You are getting dog who is doggie door and kennel trained.  She has also completed her three part Parvo immunization series and deworming.  Aspen has had a Cherry Eye repair and this surgery is warranted both my us and our vet.  Aspen has the maturity to be a settled and enjoyable pet right from the start and has a lot of work already put into her for someone wanting an easier potty training experience and a more settled pet.  She is a pure delight and whoever gets her will be thrilled with her.

Dad - Caper

Mom - Willow

Mom - Raya

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