3 years old





A bit about me!

I'm a adventure loving little lady who is utterly gorgeous and a whole lot of fun!  I'm an active girl who lives for love from my family and walk time!  When families call BabyBarks looking for their next furry companion, they are often looking for certain traits.  At times, this includes requests for a dog who is more active, one who can join in on their exercise regime or passion for hitting the trails.  My puppies have been a wonderful answer for these families as I craves adventure and activities and, in my mind, the longer the walk the better!  Once we're home I'm actually pretty happy to snuggle up on the couch and I LOVE to be held and cuddled up my humans. Once I'm in someone's arms, I hold as still as possible, soaking in every moment.   Since I've been raised in a kennel with other dogs, I do still have some training to complete and some life experiences to get under my belt, but I have the confidence to pick up lessons and life experiences quickly. I weigh about 11 lbs and I have a beautiful thick and full coat.  I'm actually a show stopped in the beauty zone, with my striking coloring, perfect nose length, great bite and lovely size.  I'm a solid and fun loving girl who has had a great start to life and is ready to give some of my joy and exuberance to a new home.


Am I potty trained?

I'm well kennel trained, doggie door trained and I will make incredibly fast progress on transitioning to fully potty trained as I am used to consistently going to the bathroom outside.  In fact, I can be kennelled through the night or put in my exercise pen with my dog bed and I'll hold it all night.  If you need to go out for a few hours, I could be left in either spot and I'll wait patiently.  I will need a couple months of consistency, space restriction, timed potty breaks and rewards for being out and then I should be finished up.  It would also be helpful to use the "umbilical method" and walk me through your house on a leash for a few weeks and then give me freedom one room at a time. I'm going to finish up my training quickly and it will be a MUCH easier experience than potty training a puppy. 

Do I have special diet needs?

No!  I'm a healthy and easy to manage boy. I'm currently being free fed Kirkland Salmon and Sweet Potato. 

What is my bedtime regime? 

I head out for a night time potty break and then my humans put me in my kennel or in my exercise pen with a dog bed.   I sleep well through the night!  One of the great perks of a well trained older dog!

Do I have further training?

I am leash trained, doggie door trained and kennel trained. I can sit on command and take treats very gently.  I have good recall to my name. I am great about having my paws and body handled and am happy to be picked up and held.  I have had limited opportunity to get into mischief which means I have had no practice developing bad habits, such as sock stealing or counter surfing.  Now it's up to my family to allow me exposure these things and correct me if I make poor choices.  I'll have it down pat in no time!  I have car ride experience and do not get sick in the car although I'll need a bit more practice before I'm fully relaxed.  I have had good dog socialization practice with other Bichon Shih Tzus and I am a kind and fun friend to my puppy pals.  

Do I have any bad habits?

No. I'm actually a pretty good girl.  This is because I have been raised in an environment that limits my ability to get into mischief.  All that to say, you do need to present me with lessons, but I'm a relatively blank, problem free slate... so the outcome will reflect your consistency and thoroughness as a trainer.  

I'm a higher energy dog, so I need reminders that I can't have things in my timing... so when I get excited about walks, or treats, I will be need reminders to be patient which can take the form of giving me a squirt with the squirt bottle if I start to squeal or cry about what I want and waiting to give it to me until I'm patient.  I do need a settled and calmer family to help me exercise these same skills.  If I were matched with a wild or excitable family, I would be very likely to feed off their energy and become a far less enjoyable pet.

I have been raised on an acreage.  I'm used to seeing buffalo, cows, horses, tractors and the odd car roll past.  I am not used to seeing strangers out walking, different breeds of dogs, or having random people approach me.  These elements are simply not part of the rural living experience!  All that to say, I've practiced some of these skills and handled them well so far, and I'll get used to things quickly because of my confident nature but I will need a little time and practice.

Who are my parents?

Molly is my Mom (left) and Caper is my dad (right).  I'm a Bichon Shih Tzu.

Who would be my perfect love match?

I'm a people loving girl who would enjoy having a family who is around as much of the time as possible.  Because I've been raised with people or dogs around me 24/7 I would love a family who already has a trained second dog to be my pal and I'll need a family who is retired or consistently working from home almost all the time. I do have a relatively confident nature, so I'd be happy to live in a home with children over 10 or interact with those who are younger, if I have supervision.  I've been raised with yard access and switching to a home that doesn't have a yard would be a really sad change for me, so condo or apartment dwelling families won't be an option for me.  My energy level is such that I will need a home who activively walks everyday.  I'm not a good choice for a family who isn't currently walking and feels that a dog will change their pattern... I need a home who is already in the habit and pretty much garanteed to continue.  I come away from these fun times ready to snooze in my dog bed or patiently enjoy the rest of day's adventures.  

What's included in my adoption fee?


I come with the typical genetic health warrantee offed by BabyBarks, a life time rehoming policy and full refund option, upon return, excluding your $300 deposit.  I am up to date on my basic immunizations, deworming , flea and tick treatment.  I come on a spay contract which means the family adopting me must be willing to spay me within two months and they will be refunded $300 once proof of this is sent to BabyBarks.  I have the maturity to be a settled and enjoyable pet right from the start.  I am ready to be both your couch buddy and your walking companion.  I am a lovely girl who will bring so much fun and enjoyment to your life. I have been thoroughly enjoyed at BabyBarks and I'm excited to head on to my next big adventure.

Bichon Shih Tzu
Canada Shichon