1 year old 

9 lb mature weight


Congratulations Rebecca C.!

A bit about me!


I'm a sweet natured, loving and gently little boy.  I'm petite in size, at 9lbs, with gorgeous and soft teddy bear curls.  I am a passionate cuddle, once I get to know you and love to be held and rubbed.  I also love walks and can't wait to fling a fun toy around.  Playing with party minded dogs is a great time too!  I am shy in nature, which means I'm comfortable with my own family but will completely avoid strangers.  But within my love-group, but a happy and settled fellow!


Am I potty trained?

I'm doggy door trained, which means I'll consistently do my business outside if I have access to a doggie door.  I'll need more work to transition this training to classic "potty training" but I have such a firm foundation of doing my business outside.  I am also kennel trained and capable of holding it while I'm in my pen until I'm given outdoor access.  So I'm very close to having this phase of my training done.  However, because I have been an unneutered male for a year, I'll need extra supervision and correction to train me not to mark in your space.  I'll figure things out faster if you limit my ability to act on impulse by initially limiting my space, making good use of my kennel training as needed and walking me through your house on a leash for the first few weeks.  I have shown limited interest in marking, so this is a trait that will be "fixed" with a bit more time and supervision. I've been priced as a mature puppy, rather than a fully "finished" younger dog as I will need a family who is dedicated to work on this with me for a few months.  

Does Piper have obedience training?

Piper walks on a leas.  When he walks on a leash, this doesn't mean he walks like a show dog... he will zip side to side infront of you and enjoy the sites and smells, but he is used to the sensation of the leash and being walked regularly.   All other commands such as leave it, come, stay, down, etc are waiting on his eager family to complete!

Do we have special diet needs?

Nope!  I'm an easy keeper!  I'm being free fed Kirkland Salmon and Sweet Potato mixed with Kirkland puppy food.  I would do best being free fed as I have a fast metabolism.

What is my bedtime regime? 

I head out for a night time potty break and then my humans put me in my kennel.  I may call out a couple times to let you know I'd rather be right with you, but then I settle in for the night and sleep through until the morning.  If I could chose, I'd prefer to have my kennel beside another dog or in my human's room.

Do I have any bad habits?

Most of my life has been spent in a kennel setting with access to bones, dog toys, friends and my own huge grass yard.  So within that realm I'm a well trained little boy!  However, there is so much more mischief I can get into in a house setting.  So please restrict my space so you can keep an eye on me, finish my potty training and teach me what is mine and what is not.  Essentially, I'm still learning good habits and have a soft nature, so I'll be easy to train.  I have been using the "umbilical method" to learn good house habits, which means I've been spending some time everyday on a leash in the house, attached to a trusted human.  This allows me to be part of meal prep and other household activities without wandering too far and getting into trouble.  We'd suggest continuing this for the next could months and then ease into more freedom.

Who would be my perfect love match?

Obviously, I need to go to a home that is willing to be patient and kind to me as I settle in and figure out my new life!  I have so much love to give my humans but with my shy nature, it may actually take me a couple months to fully warm up, show affection and really settle in.  Once I feel secure, I plan to snuggle right up to you and give you so much love! I'm so excited to go on walks and learn what house life is all about, so I need someone special who has that time to spend with me.  That means I'd prefer someone who doesn't work full-time.  I'm also very dog social and LOVE playing with my puppy pals if you have a dog already.  I wouldn't do well in a house with kids and would prefer to live with some active adult.

What's included in Piper's price?


 Our typical genetic health warrantee, life time rehoming policy and full refund option, upon return, excluding your $300 deposit.  You are getting dog who is doggie door and kennel trained.  He has also completed her three part Parvo immunization series and deworming.  Piper has been neutered. He is leash trained, used to bathing and grooming and is easy to handle.  He has the maturity to be a settled and enjoyable pet right from the start and has a lot of work already put into him for someone wanting an easier potty training experience and a more maturity.  Piper will take some patience and work to bond well with his new family, work through his shy predisposition and become accustomed to house and city life. But if you put in the time, you'll be rewarded with a ton of love and an incredibly cute face to enjoy every day!

Dad - Ripple

Mom - Mari

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