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Considering adding an adult dog to your home?  Please remember to reach our transition guide (click the link below).  An adult dog has the maturity to be an easy to manage pet and a shorter training period for potty skills.  However, they do require patience, consistency, love and training work as they adapt to their new life.  If want really EASY, you'd need to adopt a dog from a friend or family member.... these dogs do still take WORK and commitment, but they are so worth it!  Give them a bit of time and effort and they'll become the best furry family members you've ever had! 

I'm such a beautiful girl.  Not only am I flashy and lovely colored, I have a very soft coat, a medium nose length and a snuggly nature.  I'm a more sensitive soul, which means it will take me a little longer to settle into my new home as I process the changes. But if someone wants a dog with tons of personality, a desire to be with their humans at all times and a fun enthusiasm for life, I'm your girl!  I've had one litter of puppies and they just departed for their new homes.  I have have a little more settled maturity and I'm ready for a home of my own.  I'd be happy to be a solo dog or I could be with a pal.  I have a bit more of a leadership minded temperament but I'm a follower with my human friends.  I'm good but a bit wiggly for my bathes and grooming.  I'm great on my leashed and off leash walks and use the doggie door to do my business outside.  I need a home with a fenced yard and I'd like a home with teenagers or older please.  


I am a people loving girl who enjoys a fun walk and playing with my dog pals.  I am sweet natured and a little shy around new people.  The silver in my coat is slowly lightening, I have a medium nose length and I weigh about 14 pounds.  I'm more of a submissive natured pack member.  I'm great for baths and grooming and sleep quietly in my kennel during the night.  I consistently use the doggie door to do my business outside. I'd love to have a dog pal and would get along with most.  I'm also young enough to adapt to being solo.  I'd prefer a fenced yard but I can be flexible if my new home took me on multiple walks each day as an alternative.  I'm a medium to lower energy girl. I still have some puppy enthusiasm and I'll settle out more and more as time continues.  I'm available for immediate adoption.


I'm a sweet, easy going and cuddly natured girl.  I get along well with my pals.  Being one of the older girls at Babybarks, I do tend to be a pack leader, but I'm a fair-minded and stable leader.  I'm a follower with my human pals.  I'm great for grooming, baths, nail trims, leashed and off-leash walks and great about sleeping in my kennel through the night.  I've had several litters of puppies and have done an amazing job taking care of them.  My last litter will be born in November which means I'm available to join a new home in JANUARY 2024.  I would prefer a quiet and settled home with either no younger children (teenagers and up, please).  

I'd love to have another dog in the home, but I'll adapt to being a solo dog if my humans are around almost ALL the time.  If my humans don't plan to be around for me consistently, then I do NEED a dog pal.  I have never been alone, so please don't expect that of me.  I also need a fenced yard.  I'm a healthy girl, but I do tend to be on the chubby side.  I'd benefit from a family who wants to regularly walk me and put me on e a scheduled feed.  Thank you for considering me!

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