Adoption Information

Thank you so much for your interest in Baby Barks' puppies!


We are so honoured by the amount of interest in these incredible dogs. We keep separate, seasonal waitlists and take a limited number of families onto each, ensuring a great puppy selection and our personal attention during the time frame.  Our waitlists through summer 2021 are now full and closed.  Please check back January 2021 for the opening of our fall 2021 waitlist.  Please read as much of our website as possible before applying If you are a past Baby Barks adopter seeking another pet, we would love to hear from you!  We will always work in our alumni and their family members as we know it's important to have a great match for your existing puppy pal.  Once you have one, I can understand why you want to add to your fur-family. We can't wait to match these sweet upcoming puppies with some special families!  You are also welcome to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for ongoing updates.

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If you are interested in an adult dog, we do have a lifetime return policy which gives us the potential of offering adult dogs from time to time. Additionally, we retire the occasional  parent dog or have a mature puppy to offer to a new home.  We like to see our adult dogs heading off to new homes where they will have a dog friend, since they have lived with canine companionship thus far, so preference will be given to families who have an existing dog or are interested in adopting two.    If we have any mature puppies (5-9months) or adults available, you can see them on our "available puppies" page.  If you do not see a mature puppy or adult listed on the available puppies page, we do not have one available and we can't predict when the next availability will happen.

Our Selection Process:

Our litters are often completely claimed by families who have submitted a non-refundable deposit and are waiting on our waitlist.  If there are puppies remaining past what our waitlist adopts, they will be offered to the general public.  We want our puppies and their families to have the best chance of life long success.  In order to achieve this, we believe temperament

matches are of the upmost importance, so we wait until the puppies are old enough to display the base of their personalities before our selections begin.  Our selection process is done via video and pictures - with disposition, coat color, nose length and end weight described.  When a puppy is selected, this one, special individual is held specifically for your family and at 6-7 weeks old you are welcome to visit, play with the puppy held for you, and confirm that you are happy with your selection.  Full payment is due within 24 hours of your visit, or viewing, to hold the puppy until your pickup. Puppies will head home to their families at 8+ weeks of age.


Adoption Requirements:

We love our dogs and want them to have the best life possible, and we know you want that too!  These dogs are extremely social and should not be consistently left alone throughout the day.  They are happiest when they know their beloved humans are nearby, and having a family member home to work on potty training means that success is far more achievable. I don't believe that there are any better dogs as a family pet, but we still feel that children should be old enough to handle puppies in a respectful way before adopting.  We request that the youngest human family member be at least 5 years old.  See our FAQ section if you'd like more info on this.  We want both our dogs and their future families to be set up for the best chances of life-long success and we know you want that too! 

Pricing, Returns and Warrantee:

Currently, the majority of our 8 week old puppies are $1950 + GST for 2020.  The exception to this pricing are our unique pups which either possess extra tiny size, rare characteristics or colouring and our more mature puppies that have completed their immunizations and some basic training.  These puppies will typically be priced higher.  Our pricing will be increasing by $200 for next year's puppies (2021).

Our puppies are fully returnable and refundable, minus the deposit, for 30 days after adoption.  Having a return policy for puppies is almost unheard of among breeders and we are offering it as our primary goal is a happy family with a happy puppy. If a good life fit is not occurring, for whatever reason, we would far rather have the puppy returned to us so that we can ensure it will have the best life possible. A refund may still be offered after 30 days, and will be adjusted to reflect the age of the dog.  


We offer a lifetime rehoming policy, which allows families whose situations have changed to return their dogs at any time and we will find appropriate and loving families for them.  We will be available for on-going assistance throughout the lifetime of the dog and we love to hear from our families.  


Our puppies come pre-loved, well socialized, and paper trained with with their first vet check, immunizations,  deworming, optional 30 day trial of Trupanion Pet Insurance and a limited genetic health warranty.  

We are honoured that you would consider us when choosing your future fur-family member!

Picking up your puppy soon?  Check out our recommended products so you can manage your new puppy with ease.

Check out our pickup dates, list of upcoming litters, Trupanion insurance link, pickup resources and directions to our location under the sign in tab.  We want you to be prepared for your new buddy!  This link requires a password and only usable by the families on our waitlist.

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