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27 & 28


Litter Traits.  

Historically, Rea's puppies have been a lot of fun!  They are generally water and snow lovers and ADORE chasing balls.  They have lots of personality and a real sense of humour.  They can range in size from 10 to 20lbs, so she has produced some of our largest sized pups and also some that are within our "average" sizes.   Cola is a fun loving boy and a real snuggler.  He does love adventure and has an athletic build that is bouncy and well suited to walks but he would love to be a lap-lover with all of his extra time!  Both parents are gentle and follower-natured.

Male - Tricolor Patch


I'm going to be a flashy boy with my distinct marking and tricolour coat.  I have a very solid pattern with black over my back and the classic "white muff" of the Shih Tzu over my shoulders.  Such perfect markings!  I also have brown on my cheeks, over my eyes and under my tail as is typical with the tricolour pattern.  My nose length is longer, just like my parents.  My coat will grow more wavy as I age but will not be a full curl.  I'll likely weigh 13-17lbs. 


 Male - Tricolor Patch


As you can see, I have distinct and bright coloring.  My tricolour pattern gives me brown over the eyes, on the cheeks and under my bum and I have lovely contrast with that!  I'll have a somewhat wavy coat, but no curl.  My nose length is a throw back to my Grandpa, Caper, and is medium. I'm likely to weigh 12-15lbs as an adult.


 Female - Apricot 


I'm a beautiful girl with a lovely depth of color.  As I get older, I'm likely to have the "orange" hue my mom had as a pup and it's a rare, beautiful color!  My coat will gain more wave with age and has a silky feel. I'll have the same longer nose length my parents possess.  I'll likely weigh 12-15lbs as an adult. 


Female - Apricot Patch


I have a fun pattern with my mix of white and apricot.   I'll likely weigh 13-16 lbs.  My nose length will be medium to long, likely a little shorter than my parent.  My coat is silky and straight but may gain just a bit of wave as I get older.


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